Licínio Azevedo

Virgem Margarida

Rubrik: IFFI 2014, Südwind-Filmpreis Mozambique, 1970s. The revolution has freed the country, and in the streets of Maputo prostitutes are collected, loaded onto buses and taken out to the countryside to a re-education camp. In the concentration camp military drill and field work are used to educate them to become the „new women“. Margarida is a 16-year-old girl who is accidentally taken to the camp. It is her story that we learn and the story of a group of women who are beginning to understand that the revolution does mean freedom, but a different kind. MZ 2012 Regie: Licínio Azevedo 90 min, Colour, DCP, OmdU Mosambik 2012 Regie: Licínio Azevedo 90 min, Farbe, DCP, OmdU