Kiko Goifman


A terrible massacre took place in Baixada Fluminense, near the city of Rio de Janeiro. Twenty-nine people were killed by a death squad, the largest massacre in the history of Rio. The killers are extermination groups made up of policemen who work in the area, and who are involved in extortions, kidnapping, drug dealing and homicide. This has been going on since the 1950s, but it has never been as extreme as it is today. Nominiert für ray Filmmagazin-Dokumentarfilmpreis Brazil/Germany 2006 Regie: Kiko Goifman 75 min, 35 mm, Farbe, OF mit dt. UT Nominiert für ray Filmmagazin-Dokumentarfilmpreis; In Kooperation mit dem Österr. Lateinamerika-Institut/Sektion Tirol