Jorge Furtado


Chico, an adolescent holidaying on the «longest and worst beach on earth», meets Roza in a game hall. He falls in love. On the first night of their encounter, they make love, but Roza vanishes immediately. With the help of his friend Juca, Chico searches for Roza on the beach, but in vain. It is only after the holidays that he sees her again. When Chico tries to speak of «their night», Roza informs him that she is pregnant. It would be difficult for teenagers not to identify with the characters of Houve Uma Vez Dois Verões. The brilliant narrative, full of freshness but also of traps, is the sexual and amorous initiation of two adolescents. «I have always loved dramas that, according to Aristotle’s definition, reveal the worst in human beings, like a deformed mirror in an amusement park where people look like gas tanks or Modigliani paintings. So what is new? The novelty lies in the young actors, the beach, the music, the adventure, a few jokes, and the love scenes. The rest is of lesser importance.» Jorge Furtado read more