John Riber


Sex, Soccer and Life’s Little secrets… Tiyane is in danger of becoming the local hero – at 17! Rising star in Hyenas; the township football team, responsible son and high school Prefect hopeful, Tiyane can’t seem to put a foot wrong. But the game of life is about to stage a grand upset. His hormones are running riot and everybody wants a piece of him, especially Linda, a long-time neighborhood friend. Tiyane’s game, but there are some things he hadn’t bargained for. Like falling in love with the lovely Juliet, or becoming a Dad. As he tries to weave his way though the chaos of lust, love and self-deceiving, Tiyane finally has to face up to the fact that he has a son. A fast-paced, funny and touching story of teenage love, lust for life and passion for football. read more