Jan Cvitkovic



Regie: Eduardo del Llano
Kuba 2015
23min OF­eUT

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Der kubanische Künstler Nicanor O’Donnell feiert seine große Nacht:
Die Eröffnung seiner neuesten Ausstellung „With the soul in a mournful, gloomy mood”.
Am nächsten Morgen wird er überraschend gebeten, in die Galerie zu kommen – etwas
Unerwartetes war passiert. Nun muss der Künstler mit den Behörden zusammenarbeiten


Regie: Eduardo del Llano
Kuba 2015
25min OF­eUT

Épica (2015) El último corto de Eduardo del Llano !!! Compártelo !!!! - YouTube - Mozilla Firefox
Nicanor O’Donnell macht eine Zeitreise, um das unvergleichliche Gefühl der ersten
Jahre der Kubanischen Revolution zu erleben. Aber jede Handlung zieht Folgen nach
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Siska Deluxe is a story about three male childhood friends who are not quite so young anymore but cannot seem to grow up completely. They are full of business ideas but since neither of them ever commits seriously, all of their plans ultimately fall through. When the aunt of one of them dies, she leaves him a small commercial property and the three friends immediately decide to open a pizzeria. In the beginning, it seems as if this is another project doomed to fail. However, just in the nick of time, an unusual woman named Jana comes along and offers to help. There is another curious character, Sale, who seems to be the friends’ arch enemy, but is ultimately transformed to their closest and most trusted friend. With the close weaving of the comical with the dramatic, the light-hearted story never questions the possibility of a happy ending. read more


A woman falls from the sky and falls asleep, a man also falls from the sky and looks around, puzzled. The first picture of the boy tells us that he has been here before, and now peacefully looks at a bug and kills it. The story about three people takes place in the embrace of the nature, water, earth, forest, sky. ARCHEO is a film of genuine relationships, of form and photography, without commentaries, words, social, psychological and historical contexts.


Slovenia 2011
Regie: Jan Cvitkovič
80 min, 35mm, ohne Dialog
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A tragic family love story about the alcoholic Ivan who discovers that his friend had an affair with his wife Sonja before she married Ivan.

Slovenia 2001
Regie: Jan Cvitkovic
68 min, 35 mm, s/w, slowen. OF mit engl. UT
Premio Futuro Venezia 2001

GRAVEHOPPING (Odgrobadogroba)

Pero uses his considerable talent as a writer to concoct funeral speeches. But these are not mere eulogies for the deceased. Consciously or otherwise, Pero weaves his own perception of events and philosophy into them.

Slovenia/Croatia 2005
Regie: Jan Cvitkovicˇ
103 min, 35 mm, Farbe, OF mit engl. UT
Festivals: San Sebastian 05, Zagreb 05, Cottbus 05


Director´s Edition
„Niemand erklärt etwas in diesem Film. Niemand hat etwas zu sagen. Dieser Film zeigt die Lage der Dinge, wie sie sind, und den Zustand der Gefühle. Die Zuseher kreieren ihre eigene Geschichte.“ (Jan Cvtikovic)

Slowenien 2008
Regie: Jan Cvitkovic
7 min,
Locarno 2008