Rathie is a young girl from a remote village, working in a suburban garment factory. She befriends a young soldier and falls in love. They start enjoying their mutual youthful warmth quite freely. And one fine day, Rathie realizes she is pregnant. Grappling with this unexpected new realization, she gets carried away into a world of her own. A simple and beautiful dream world that any young woman would want to build for herself, complete with marriage and family life. While she immerses herself quite happily in this elusive world, she gets to know the harsh and crude realities of the world that is around her. Sri Lanka 2002 Regie: Inoka 125 min, 35mm, Farbe, OF mit engl. UT Film Festival Tokyo 2002; Festival des 3 continents, Nantes 2002; São Paulo Film Festival 2002; Preis für den besten Film und Erstlingswerk, International Film Festival Uruguay 2003.