Hubert Sauper

Darwin’s Nightmare

Africa has always been like a self-service store for the West: slavery, colonization and globalisation. In the 1960s the fish species Nile Perch was introduced into Lake Victoria in East Africa. Three decades on, the predator has managed to extinguish the entire stock of native fish species. The outcome is an abundance of this large fish. And the fish fillet trade booms. Now cargo aeroplanes daily export the fillets to northern industrialised countries. But these aircraft do not arrive empty-handed – they are stocked with weapons. Because in Africa the weapons trade is as lucrative as the food trade.   A 2005 Regie: Hubert Sauper 107 min, Colour, 35mm, Original with German subtitles Academy Awards Nomination for „Best Documentary Feature“

Kisangani Diary

 1994. After the massacre of the Tutsis, 80,000 Hutus fled from Rwanda to Zaire. They now live in poverty alongside the overgrown railway south of Kisangani, plagued by famine, disease and persecution from armed militia. In 1997, Hubert Sauper travelled in a UN train in search of these “lost” refugees. In KISANGANI DIARY Sauper leads the viewer to mysterious places where massacres had happened only the night before, and accompanies the helpless attempts of assistance. A 1998 Regie: Hubert Sauper 57 min, Colour, 35mm, Original with German subtitles


The aftermath of a political movie, DARWIN’S NIGHTMARE. “The most political and honest movie I have ever made” (Hubert Sauper). F/A 2015 Regie: Hubert Sauper 70 min, OmeUT

We Come As Friends

A modern odyssey and science fiction-like journey into the heart of Africa. The national referendum in 2011 splits the Sudan, the biggest country in Africa, into two nations. At that time, Hubert Sauper travels the Sudan in his self-made aeroplane. He witnesses the country’s fall into old patterns of “civilizing“, how colonialism is shamelessly pursued again and how the bloody (holy) war over land and resources recommences. In one corner: Chinese oil workers, in the other: American evangelists.   FR/AT 2014 Regie: Hubert Sauper 109 min, DCP, Farbe, OmdUT Eröffnungsfilm