Great Britain


An existential comedy of a Spanish man trying to apostate from the Catholic Church.

Regie: Federico Vejroj
Urugay/England/Frankreich 2015
80min, OF­eUT



Regie: Eduardo del Llano
Kuba 2015
23min OF­eUT

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Der kubanische Künstler Nicanor O’Donnell feiert seine große Nacht:
Die Eröffnung seiner neuesten Ausstellung „With the soul in a mournful, gloomy mood”.
Am nächsten Morgen wird er überraschend gebeten, in die Galerie zu kommen – etwas
Unerwartetes war passiert. Nun muss der Künstler mit den Behörden zusammenarbeiten


Regie: Eduardo del Llano
Kuba 2015
25min OF­eUT

Épica (2015) El último corto de Eduardo del Llano !!! Compártelo !!!! - YouTube - Mozilla Firefox
Nicanor O’Donnell macht eine Zeitreise, um das unvergleichliche Gefühl der ersten
Jahre der Kubanischen Revolution zu erleben. Aber jede Handlung zieht Folgen nach
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Lazar Ristovski
(Jugoslawien/Großbritanien 1999)

BAB’ AZIZ (Le prince qui contemplait son âme)

Following the tradition of „A Thousand and One Nights“, the film contains several stories – of princes, palaces and frustrated quests – in a magical tale about a dervish and his grand-daughter’s travels in the Sahara. BAB’AZIZ is a dazzling portrait of the desert and its legends, rarely shown in such eloquent manner in a feature film.

France/Ger/Iran/Tunesia/GB 2005
Regie: Nacer Khemir
98 min, 35 mm, Farbe, OF mit engl. UT
Prix de l’Institut Français; Festivals: Locarno 05, Nantes 05, Fribourg 05; In Kooperation mit dem Tiroler Landesmuseum Ferdinandeum, Südwind Tirol und Izola Cinema – Kino Otok
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London, 13. Oktober 1993: Ein sturzbetrunkener Fußball-Fan landet nicht, wie geplant, beim Länderspiel in Rotterdam, sondern mitten im Kriegsgeschehen in Bosnien. In London streiten ein Serbe und ein Kroate, einst Nachbarn und gute Freunde, so heftig, dass sie sich im Krankenhaus wieder finden. Nur wenige Zimmer von den beiden Streithähnen entfernt bringt eine Bosnierin ihr unerwünschtes Kind zur Welt – und tauft es auf den Namen „Chaos”. Ein Ex-Basketballer läuft einer angehenden Ärztin vors Auto und findet so die Frau fürs Leben … Eine bunt schillernde Komödie über Liebe und Hass, über Chaos und Bestimmung, Sinn und Eigensinn, Engel und Bestien, eine zärtliche Groteske über die Menschlichkeit – all das vereint Jasmin Dizdar, englischer Regisseur mit bosnischer Abstammung, in seinem ersten abendfüllenden, in Cannes preisgekrönten Spielfilm BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE. (nach:; Votiv-Kino) Jasmin Dizdar: „Natürlich war der Bürgerkrieg eine Tragödie, aber gleichzeitig musste ich darüber lachen: all diese großen Armeen, die sich benahmen wie in einem Film von Fellini.” „Das (doppelte) Erwachen des Fußball-Fans im Kriegsgebiet sorgt für die komischsten Momente im Film, während der Krieg selbst hyperrealistisch inszeniert ist wie ein Drogentrip. Es ist diese Mischung aus britischem Realismus, Kusturica-Überdrehtheit und tschechischem Schelmen-Charme, die BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE so sehenswert macht.” (epd Film) „Ein turbulentes Liebeslied … an … das Chaos und die Menschlichkeit.” (New York Times) read more


The Mexican Maya works as janitor in the offices of the skyscrapers in Los Angeles just as hundreds of other illegal immigrants from all around the world do. She cannot resign herself to the inhuman labour conditions and the effectively non existing wage. Furthermore, she doesn’t know that she only got the job because of her sister Rosa thanking her boss with sexual favours. By the time unionist Sam Shapiro appears Maya starts to organise resistance with his support.

GB/France/Germany/Switzerland 2000
Regie: Ken Loach
110 min, 35mm, Farbe, OmU
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How Harry Became a Tree – Kako Je Hari Postao Drvo

Ireland, 1924. Harry’s favourite son, Patrick, was killed during the Civil War. His wife Annie died of a broken heart shortly after. Harry continues to live with his son, Gus, in their small house on the edge of the village of Skillet, but he gradually becomes more and more withdrawn. One grey day, he has an absurd idea: Why not find himself an enemy? After all, if love seems to have left him with nothing, perhaps hate can give him back some relish for life…

I, F, GB, IR 2001
Regie: Goran Paskaljević
100 min, Colour, DCP, Original with English subtitles
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During a summer holiday in 1995, while Croatia is at war, stubborn and always dissatisfied Boro drags his family from the Croatian city of Zagreb to his village of birth: Drinovci in Herzegovina. He hasn’t been there for seven years. Boro doesn’t want to talk to his father Pasko because he is supposedly responsible for the death of his mother. Boro continually quarrels with his wife. In the next two weeks he will have to face up to his own demons.

Croatia/BA/UK/RS 2009
Regie: Antonio Nuić
90 min, 35mm, Farbe, OF mit engl. UT
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LES OISEAUX DU CIEL (Vögel des Himmels)

Two friends named Shad and Otho leave the Ivory Coast to find their fortunes in Europe. They hope to return to their land like shining heroes – just like the warriors in their ancestors’ myths. In Spain, the two start running a taxi service for other illegal immigrants, until, one day the police suddenly put in an appearance at a birthday party. Shad manages to escape, but Otho is arrested and deported to Abidjan.

France/GB/Côte d’Ivoire 2005
Regie: Eliane de Latour
109 min, 35 mm, Farbe, OF mit dt. UT
Festival: Berlinale 06
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Memory of Justice

Eine monumentale Erzählung über die Nürnberger Prozesse von Marcel Ophüls, einem der bedeutendsten Dokumentaristen des 20. Jahrhunderts.

Restored by the Academy Film Archive in association with Paramount Pictures and The Film Foundation. Restoration funding provided by The Material World Charitable Foundation, Righteous Persons Foundation, and The Film Foundation. In Cooperation with Stadtkino Wien.

D/GB/USA 1975
Regie: Marcel Ophüls
278 min, OmdUT
Eine Veranstaltung in Kooperation mit dem Otto Preminger-Institut.
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Good Morning Karachi

This is the story of a working-class beautician whose dreams of becoming a model lead to clashes with her mother and her betrothed. Good morning Karachi , which is also known as Rafina after the name of the lead character, is far more upbeat about Karachi’s prospects than the newspaper headlines would have us believe. Sumar tells us why. Edited excerpts from an email interview.

DE/GB/PK 2011
Regie: Sabiha Sumar
77 min, Colour, DCP, OmdU


First Pedro’s car gets stolen, and then he gets kidnapped. Left tied up in the jungle, he eventually finds a way back to town. But he decides to leave the city. In a small village in the South of Brazil he opens a chip shop at the beach, which is not frequented at all. Young Celia lives in this village with her poor and sick grandmother and does not know where to find food nor work and asks Pedro if he needs help. Her only hope seems to be a woman’s address that Celia is supposed to contact …
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Someone Else’s America – Tudja America

The story revolves around Alonso, a Spaniard and owner of the “Paradiso” , a run-down bar where he lives with his blind mother and his friend Bayo. The best of friends, Alonso and Bayo are united in believing that they will succeed in the ‘Land of Opportunity’, despite much evidence to the contrary. Bayo’s family then follows him to New York, but his beloved youngest son is drowned during the dangerous journey. Unable to cope with his grief, Bayo blames his eldest son Luka for the tragedy. Luka, however, turns out to be the salvation, transforming “Paradiso” into a trendy ethnic restaurant. read more


In Havana’s Boxing Academy, which is also a boarding school, 9-year-old boys are trained to become boxers. Boxing being Cuba’s national sport means hope for a better future for many of the kids. The children get prepared for the Cuban National Championships for Under-12’s in a hard training regime and under strict surveillance. You can see fear and sadness in their eyes, but at the same time they are proud to be among Fidel Castro’s white hopes.

Cuba/GB 2009
Regie: Andrew Lang
88 min, digiBeta, Farbe, OF mit engl. UT
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UNDER THE STARS (Kato apo t’ astra)

Category: IFFI 2004, EUfilm
The film is a road movie centring around two Greek Cypriots whose lives have been torn apart by the Turkish invasion of the island in 1974.

Cyprus/GB/Gr 2001
Regie: Christos Georgiou
87 min, 35 mm, Farbe, griech.-türk. OF mit engl.