Gertraud Schwarz


”Borinboresi” is the Nankani expression for the traditional women’s art of painting murals in Ghana’s Nankani area. Christianization and the growing influence of Western culture are threats to this art form practised by small women’s collectives. Dance and music are important parts of the art of mural painting: they appeal to the sensory and the emotional level and shape the memory of the women participating.

The film Bonboresi shows the building and painting of a traditional clay house, a community centre where the women plan to run training and educational events. This is a further step towards improving their social standing. The film focuses on social and ethical aspects and on the importance of handing down cultural values from one generation of women to the next. read more


What does it mean for a woman to take care of a farm all by herself? Gertraud Schwarz portraits six single female farmers from different Austrian regions who for certain reasons are on their own. The farmers are not only engaged with the question of how to handle all the work by themselves, but also with the struggle to be accepted and taken seriously in the still very traditionally organised agriculture branch. A versatile and insightful portrait of brave and committed women who master these challenges in various approaches. read more