Der Film erzählt von einem kleinen Dorf im vorrevolutionären Georgien, von den Menschen die hier leben, von ihren Sorgen und Freuden. Eines Tages kommt ein wunderschönes Mädchen, Marita, ins Dorf. Schnell erregt sie die allgemeine Aufmerksamkeit. Sie verliebt sich in Gedia, den ärmsten Burschen im Dorf. Aber die Dorfältesten, besonders der von allen geachtete Zizikore, sind der Meinung, dass sie etwas Besseres verdient hat, und geben sie dem reichsten Mann im Dorf zur Frau. Als sie schon alle Hoffnung auf Rettung aufgegeben hat, kommt der Geliebte zu ihr. Und für einen kurzen Augenblick erwacht in ihr wieder das Leben…

Sowjetunion 1976
Regie: Tengis Abuladse
107 min, 35mm, OmU read more


The film tells the story of a small village in Georgia before the revolution, of the people there, their worries and pleasures. One day, a beautiful girl called Marita comes to the village. She quickly attracts everyone‘s attention. She falls in love with Gedia, the poorest boy in the village. But the elder of the village, particularly the well-respected Zizikore, think she deserves better and make her the wife of the richest man in the village. The moment Marita has already given up all hope for rescue, her beloved comes to her. And for a short moment life comes back to her again… read more


IKO SHASHVI MGALOBELI schildert 36 Stunden aus dem Leben des jungen Musikers Gia, der im Orchester in T‘bilisi die Pauke schlägt und sich sowohl durch seine Freundlichkeit als durch seine regelmäßigen Verspätungen auszeichnet. Spontane menschliche Kontakte erscheinen ihm wichtiger als seine Arbeit. Gia ist ein unangepasster Träumer, unfähig ein Verhältnis zur Zeit zu finden, das mit seiner Umgebung harmoniert. Der Film erinnert sowohl an die französische Nouvelle Vague als auch an die tschechische Neue Welle. Iosseliani drehte ausschließlich an Originalschauplätzen und besetzte nahezu alle Rollen mit Laiendarstellern aus seinem Freundeskreis. read more


he film depicts 36 hours in the life of the young musician Gia who plays the timbal in the orchestra of T‘bilisi and is known for his friendliness as well as his regular delays. To him, spontaneous contacts with people seem more important than his work. Gia is an unadjusted dreamer who is incapable of finding a connection to time that harmonises with his environment. Iosseliani‘s film is reminiscent of the French Nouvelle Vague as well as the Czech New Wave. The film is set on original locations and is almost completely cast with amateur actors from Iosseliani‘s circle of friends. read more


KEEP SMILING is a heartfelt tragicomedy about 10 women and their fierce rivalry to win a beauty contest for mothers. Competing in five categories, including Best Cook and Super Mother, the prize is an apartment and 25,000 dollars. The candidates‘ dreams, however, are soon shattered when they realise that the whole thing is a charade. The participants become pawns for the media and contest organizers who shamelessly exploit their underprivileged circumstances for entertainment value. The women not only have to deal with each other, their families and the society they live in, but they also must confront themselves in order to preserve their self-respect and dignity. read more


Georgia, end of the 1970s. A 40-year-old journalist called Sofiko who is responsible for the letters to the editor is completely absorbed in her work for the newspaper and lives her life intensively. While she is able to provide the readers with help, comfort and new ways of living, she discovers her own marriage‘s crisis almost too late. With a lot of charme and humour, the film draws an insightful picture of Soviet everyday life and at the same time an impressive portrait of a woman.

Soviet Union 1978
Regie: Nana Gogoberidse
94 min, 35mm, OmU
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Nikoloz Pirosmani was a Georgian painter active around the turn of the 20th century and is considered an important representant of naïve art. In PIROSMANI, the director Shengelaya shows the audience the tragic tale of a man who does not find his place in society. In short episodes that are introduced by paintings of Pirosmani, we follow the protagonist walking down from one end of the frame to the other, searching for a place where he is welcome. The protagonist manifests his talent by painting out walls, letterings or paintings that ornament the many restaurants of T‘bilisi, Georgia’s capital. read more


Susa is twelve years old and like any other boy of that age he loves games, and he also has a special thing for colored glass shards. He works with an illegal distiller for whom he delivers vodka. His customers are small cafés, dark bars, prostitutes, alcoholics. He pays a share to the street bandits, so they leave him alone, and he has an open eye for the police. One day Susa finds out from his mother that his father is going to return home after a long absence. Now Susa hopes that everything will become better and that his father will take him and his mother with him. read more