Fridolin Schönwiese


DIE FÜNF HIMMELSRICHTUNGEN (five points of direction) tells the story of the residents of the Mexican Village Tres Valles (Veracruz), following the two protagonists María Esther and Miguel. The film portrays the two lonely Mexicans, who live in Kansas City and work there as migrant workers without legal status hoping to be able to give their families at home a better life.

Mexico/AT 2009
Regie: Fridolin Schönwiese


The film artificially puts the viewer in the role of a foreigner. It portraits twentysix Mexicans who live in Austria and Austrians spending their lives in Mexico. Employing clichés, desires, dreams and personal experiences, they depict their ideas of home while at the same time attempting to localize their personal identities. They are accompanied by two cameramen who themselves cross borders. Their gazes follow the narrators and their stories to the other country.

Austria/MEX 2005
Regie: Fridolin Schönwiese
90 min, 35 mm, Farbe, OF mit dt. UT
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