Francisco César Filho

Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen: Lateinamerika-Programm

 43 min 35mm Rúben Gámez b/w, Spanish with Engl. ST A small portrait of Mexico – 1966. The problems and dreams of the Mexican people. OPERAçãO BRASIL/ OPERATION BRAZIL BRA 1985
 11 min, 35mm, Luiz Alberto Pereira b/w, Spanish with Engl. ST When in April 1985 the country’s first democratically-elected President, Tancredo Neves, became seriously ill right after the elections, the population and the media worried for weeks about the first representative of their national identity.   QUEREMOS AS ONDAS DO AR! WE WANT AIRWAVES! BRA 1986 11min, 35mm, colour/Portuguese with Engl. ST Francisco César Filho / Tata Amaral A film pamphlet from Brazil against biased information and for the democratisation of telecommunications. Different textures are combined without compunction. MAS VALE TARDE QUE NUNCA / BETTER LATE THAN NEVER CUB 198 6 
8min/ 35mm Enrique Colina colour/no dialogue A satire about punctuality. A pinch of exaggeration gives a grotesque touch to a depiction that seems almost realistic. The film oscillates between lethargy and hectic activity.   O NOME DELE (O CLóVIS) /HIS NAME (THE CLOWN) BRA 2004 15min, 35mm, colour/Portugese with Engl. ST Felipe Bragança / Marina Meliande They met in the summer, in the rain. A film about carnival and silence. About anger and joy. A passionate homage to Rio de Janeiro’s surface: full of pain, dreams and sadness. A carnival tale of love and violence.     0 Regie: 88 min,