Der neunjährige Ephraim hat seine Mutter verloren und wird vom Vater zu Verwandten auf einen entlegenen Hof gebracht. Sein bester Freund Chuni ist ein Lamm, mit dem er herumzieht. Von Heimweh geplagt, versucht der Junge, für sich und sein Schaf eine Fahrkarte zu ersparen. Dabei hilft ihm die rebellische Tsion, die auch weg möchte von hier. Die anrührende Geschichte erzählt vom Weg eines Jungen und eines Lamms in ihre Freiheit. (trigon­film)

Filmpate: Länderzentren der Universität Innsbruck
Regie: Yared Zeleke
Äthiopien 2015
94min, OF­dUT
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Crazy Doc’s Short Film Collection

MAN WOLLTE MARX Christine Mansfeld, Äthiopien/Deutschland 2010, 30 min Der ostdeutsche Künstler Jo Jastram hat das Karl-Marx-Denkmal in Addis Abeba gefertigt, das Erich Honecker 1984 dem äthiopischen Staatsführer Haile Mariam Mengistu zur Gründung der äthiopischen Arbeiterpartei schenkte. In Anwesenheit des Koproduzenten Friedrich Engelhardt (Goethe-Institut).

1717 KILOMETERS Jurij Meden, Slowenien 2010, 27 min Eine kleine Hommage an die Balkan-Halbinsel.

BIRRI Melanie Hollaus, Daniel Dlouhy, Österreich 2010, 12 min Portrait Fernando Birri entstanden während des 19. IFFI 2010. read more


Ethiopia in 1996. On her way home, Hirut is kidnapped and raped by her husband-to-be, for this is an old tradition in Hirut’s village. When Hirut escapes, she shoots her tormentor in self-defence. Meaza Ashenafi fights as a lawyer for the rights of women and children and decides to take on Hirut’s case to save the girl. But the legal battle against old traditions and patriarchal beliefs seems to be without any hope.

ETH 2014
Regie: Zeresnay Berhane Mehari
99 min, Colour, DCP, Orginial Version with German Subtitles
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The great Ethiopian filmmaker Haïle Gerima came to UCLA to study filmmaking in the early 70s, and it was during that time that he conceived HARVEST: 3000 YEARS. It was made on the run, right after the overthrow of Haïle Selassie and right before the installation of a military dictatorship. This is the story of an entire people, and its collective longing for justice and good faith. An epic, not in scale but in emotional and political scope.” (Martin Scorsese)

Ethiopia 1975
Regie: Haïle Gerima
137 min, 35mm, s/w, OF mit ital. UT; restauriert 2006 von der Cinemateca di Bologna
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Horizon Beautiful

A corrupt football official is on a PR tour of Ethiopia. A boy is confident that he is the next Messi. An inept abduction. Suddenly, Addis Ababa is far away and feelings are running high. In the end the touching encounter of dreams and disillusion. And yet, the old football saying “hope dies last” still applies. Swiss director Stefan Jäger shot HORIZON BEAUTIFUL together with renowned cameraman Abraham Haile and students of the Blue Nile Film and Television Academy, the only film school in Ethiopia. read more


A lot can happen in the Ethiopian countryside on the long way to the market. A father and his son follow everybody’s good advice…and come back to their senses. Menged an adaptation of a traditional folk tale is very much a parable for Ethiopia today: A country caught in between tradition and modernism. Winner of the “Crystal Bear” Award at the 2007 Berlin Film Festival and the “Golden Horse” for best short Film at FESPACO, Burkina Faso 2007.

Ethiopia/D 2006
Regie: Daniel Taye Workou
21 min, 35mm, Farbe, OF mit engl. UT
Winner of the “Crystal Bear” Award at the 2007 Berlin Film Festival and the “Golden Horse” for best short Film at FESPACO, Burkina Faso 2007.
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The film is about 30 years of Ethiopian history in which Imperialism was followed by Marxism and the people’s frenzy remained the same. Anberber has studied in Germany and returns post-graduate to Ethiopia. He is full of hope that he can support his country with his newly acquired knowledge. His pretentious attitude derives from his breeding and education where he was in contact with political progressives and activists. Unexpectedly his destiny pushes him right into the collective massacre. It’s a story about hope and disillusionment, about foreignness and homeland.

Ethiopia/D/F 2008
Regie: Haïle Gerima
140 min, 5mm, Farbe; OF mit dt. UT
Venedig 2008, Fespaco 2009
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