Erich Hörtnagl


For years Zainap Gashaeva has been documenting what is a daily occurrence in her home country of Chechnya: abduction, torture and murder. What President Putin deems „anti-terrorist action“ looks increasingly like genocide. The world stays silent, be it out of helplessness, ignorance or opportunism. Filmmaker Bergkraut follows Gashaeva, nicknamed Coca – the dove – as she fights for an international tribunal. Is she tilting at windmills?

Switzerland 2005
Regie: Eric Bergkraut
86 min, 35 mm, Farbe, OF mit dt. UT
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Category: IFFI 2003
Imilchil, the lover’s marketplace. A marketplace in Morocco that in the course of one week unifies everything that is strictly separate all year long. Young and old, widows or divorcees, all come to look for the one person their heart chooses. Once the spark of love ignites, everything can be expressed, before everyone’s eyes: with shy but confident glances, with loving advances, with gentle touches and walks. A public foreplay for a mutual future.

Sweden 2002
Regie: Erich Hörtnagl
6 min, Betacam SP, Farbe, Stereo, ohne Dialog
Preis für bestes Konzept/Script, Tourfilmfestival Split; Festival Internazionale del Film Turistico Milano.
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