Dani Kouyaté


Ouaga Saga tells the story of ten young friends fighting poverty to realise their dreams in one of Ouagadougou‘s poorest districts. Each one has an ambition – to own a music shop, to be a professional footballer – but they are all poor and realizing their dreams seems almost impossible. But when the boys see a wealthy young woman go into an expensive dress shop and leave her motor-scooter unlocked, they can‘t resist the chance to make some quick money. They steal the bike and sell it, sharing out half the money and stashing the rest at the compound where they live with Bourémah, their older „brother“. read more


Kicking off with a Jean Cocteau quote, Dani Kouyaté’s SIA is a political allegory from Burkina Faso in a timeless, legendary fashion. Packed with poetic flourishes – such as a protracted clash between the town tyrant and the town fool – SIA follows the eponymous heroine who flees into the night when the town priests mark her as a sacrificial victim. „For once I don’t want to look for the reasons for African civil wars in colonialism and slavery but instead go back to our an-cient myths, which sometimes also contain totalitarian traits.“ (Dani Kouya-té) read more


An old man is supposed to cure a young girl from memory loss. Together they go on an eccentric and amusing therapeutic journey, which takes them to Cape town, Berlin, Mali, Belgium and even as far as Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso. On their journey, which is full of surprises, they meet remarkable and ingenious people, ignoramuses, prejudices, some fairy-tale characters and a story that is deeply enrooted in the memory of the continent and reveals a carefully kept secret. Africa wants to tell us something. read more