The widowed Serb Danica has to raise her two sons in a Serbian- Albanian settlement by the river during the Kosovo War of the 1990s. One day the injured UÇK soldier Ramiz escapes into her house and during constant air strikes she nurses him back to health. The war, the hide-and-seek and the situation in the family makes them get closer. However, should she, out of her feelings for the man, risk her family’s life and hand him over to the military? Finally her neighbor makes the decision… Germany/Croatia/Serbia 2012 Regie: Michaela Kezele 88 min, DCP, Color, OmeU

GRAVEHOPPING (Odgrobadogroba)

Pero uses his considerable talent as a writer to concoct funeral speeches. But these are not mere eulogies for the deceased. Consciously or otherwise, Pero weaves his own perception of events and philosophy into them. Slovenia/Croatia 2005 Regie: Jan Cvitkovicˇ 103 min, 35 mm, Farbe, OF mit engl. UT Festivals: San Sebastian 05, Zagreb 05, Cottbus 05


During a summer holiday in 1995, while Croatia is at war, stubborn and always dissatisfied Boro drags his family from the Croatian city of Zagreb to his village of birth: Drinovci in Herzegovina. He hasn’t been there for seven years. Boro doesn’t want to talk to his father Pasko because he is supposedly responsible for the death of his mother. Boro continually quarrels with his wife. In the next two weeks he will have to face up to his own demons.   Croatia/BA/UK/RS 2009 Regie: Antonio Nuić 90 min, 35mm, Farbe, OF mit engl. UT


With coru scating humor and beautiful music this film shows how the young and charming masseuse Ines breathes some fresh air into the (love)life of the introvert restaurant critic Saša. She manages to lure him out of his snail shell and inspires him to new and improved literary work, which makes him develop further personally. Because of a number of entanglements the audience gets to see a business world that is coined by political influence and corruption.   Croatia 2009 Regie: Pavo Marinković 90 min, 35mm, Farbe, OF mit engl. UT


Sarajevo. Luna and Amar are a happy couple, but their relationship is put on a hard test. After Amar has lost his job due to drunkenness, Luny starts to worry whether her dream of having a child with him can still come true. A former war comrade fixes Amar up with a new job in a strictly Muslim community. He gets more and more attracted by this community and feels comfortable in the strict and very devout lifestyle, but Luna refuses to follow him.   Bosnia-Herzegowina/AT/DE/HR 2010 Regie: Jasmila Žbanić 90 min, 35mm, Farbe, OF mit dt. UT

Gangster of Love

25 years ago, Nedjeljko Babic left his job as a carpenter to start his God-given career: matching lonely men and women. He became famous very quickly – thanks to his skills, but also to his nickname „Gangster“ which he got solely for always wearing sunglasses. Lately his job has become more difficult than ever – women who do not want to live in the villages any more and uneducated middleaged men. When Maya, a young and pretty Bulgarian woman, comes to Gangster looking for a new husband, it seems that it will be an easy case for him. But the fact that she is a single mother and a foreigner seems to make it a mission impossible. Nebojša Slijepčeviċ Nebojša Slijepčeviċ wurde 1973 in Zagreb geboren und schloss dort HR/DE/RO 2013 Regie: Nebojša Slijepčević 80 min, Colour, DCP, OmeU


Sarajevo City of Film is the fund supporting the realization of short micro-budget films, created through artistic and technical cooperation between the young film authors from South-Eastern Europe. In this way the Sarajevo Film Festival wants to initiate the creation of a new network of young talented and creative authors of the region whose work represents the future of the regional cinematography.   FRIGIDANCE Kelmend Karun, Bosnia-Herzegovina/Albania 2010, 9 min SMART GIRLS Hana Jušić & Sonja Tarokić, Bosnia-Herzegovina/Croatia 2010, 24 min REVERSE Georgis Grigorakis, Bosnia-Herzegovina/Greece 2010, 19 min THE TICKET COLLECTOR Catalin Musat, Bosnia-Herzegovina/Romania 2010, 24 min BA/AL/HR /GR/RO 2010 Regie: Kelmend Karun, Hana Jušić & Sonja Tarokić, Georgis Grigorakis, Catalin Musat 76min, Video, Farbe, OmeU


The daily work is the same as everywhere, but even Bulgaria’s health minister had to admit that SOFIA‘S LAST AMBULANCE depicts the sad reality of public emergency service in his country. Patients have to wait for hours until Doctor Krassi, paramedic Mila and driver Plamen arrive. Their ambulance mirrors the illness of a whole system at the brink of collapse. And their exhausted faces and tragicomic conversations tell it all. Filmmaker Illian Metev shows their daily routine without commentary in a direct cinema style. One of the few documentaries ever to be shown in the Cannes Critics’ Week. Bulgaria/Croatia/Germany 2012 Regie: Ilian Metev 75 min, DCP, Farbe, OmeU

Vegetarian Cannibal – Ljudožder vegetarijanac

The over-ambitious women’s doctor Rene Bitoraja meets a prominent great of the red light district (Emir Hadžihafizbegović). Now he sees himself confronted with dubious assignments, even for a physician with a propensity to amorality. To put it in a nutshell: this wicked game of revenge actuated by greed is not for the faint-hearted. Literally, a dirty movie. KRO 2012 Regie: Branko Schmidt 85 min, Colour, DCP, Original with English subtitles


A young widowed woman, a widowed man back from abroad running out of time and a priest of a bankrupt parish twist and toss trying to win what is within the reach, but barred by a wall of prejudices, illusions and difficult mentality. A romantic comedy set in rough landscape, about a woman who falls in love with a local priest. He is not blind to her love, but is unable to choose between the church and her, until the circumstances force him to make his choice. Croatia 2005 Regie: Hrvoje Hribar 109 min, 35 mm, Farbe, OF mit engl. UT Festivals: Sarajewo 05, Zagreb 05; In Kooperation mit dem Filmforum Imst

When Day Breaks – Kad Svane Dan

Misha Brankov is a retired music professor. One morning he receives a letter requesting him to contact the Jewish Museum in Belgrade. At the museum, he learns that during some excavations on the sewers at the city’s Old Fairgrounds, an iron box was found in the same place where an infamous concentration camp was set up for Serbian Jews and Gypsies during the Second World War. The contents of the box will change the Professor’s life…   SRB, F, CRO 2012 Regie: Goran Paskaljević 90 min, Colour, 35mm, Original with English subtitles IFFI Prize of Honour