Côte d’Ivoire


Ablakon returns home to his village, where he makes great impression on young and old: He draws out money of all of them. A cynical portrait about urban society and its influence on village community. Côte d´Ivoire 1985 Regie: Roger Gnoan M´Bala 90 min, 16 mm, Farbe, franz. OF


17th century, West Africa: King and tyrant Adanggaman burns the neighboring village of young Ossei. Many are killed, others are taken prisoner. Searching for his missing mother, Ossei is also being captured and finds himself among the many men, women and children in chains, humiliated and beaten. Adanggaman is filled with joy at the results of his manhunt – it is evident, that his kingdom has not escaped the hands of European slave traders by accident … The scenes of Africans marching in chains and stocks, monitored by other Africans, are a shock and linger in mind for days afterward. France/CH/CIV/BF/I 2000 Regie: Roger Gnoan M’Bala 90 min, 35 mm, Farbe, OF mit engl. UT


The film is an ironic parable which explores the proliferation of pseudo-Christian sects in Africa. A pig herder, despised by the whole of his village, receives an apparition in which he is informed that he has been chosen to save his people. His theology is highly original, his miracles are based on superior showmanship, and his mission is a complete success – provided its sole purpose was to put him in a position of incredible power over his peers. He is so lionized by the worshippers he has converted that, not only does he openly sleep with married women, but they put on nun’s robes and feed him publicly from their hands. Cote d’Ivoire 1993 Regie: Roger Gnoan M’Bala 90 min, 35mm, Farbe, OF mit engl. UT Fespaco 1994

BAL POUSSIÈRE (Liebe, Sex und Ananas)

A prince in a village is a rich patron who has five wives. Now he wants a sixth! He leaves his devotion for his other wives for a girl in the village. This French comedy is basically polygamy on an island. Côte d´Ivoire 1988 Regie: Henri Duparc 91 min, 16 mm, Farbe, franz. OF Guest´s Special In Anwesenheit von Hanny Tchelley-Etibou

Crazy Doc’s Short Film Collection

MAN WOLLTE MARX Christine Mansfeld, Äthiopien/Deutschland 2010, 30 min Der ostdeutsche Künstler Jo Jastram hat das Karl-Marx-Denkmal in Addis Abeba gefertigt, das Erich Honecker 1984 dem äthiopischen Staatsführer Haile Mariam Mengistu zur Gründung der äthiopischen Arbeiterpartei schenkte. In Anwesenheit des Koproduzenten Friedrich Engelhardt (Goethe-Institut). 1717 KILOMETERS Jurij Meden, Slowenien 2010, 27 min Eine kleine Hommage an die Balkan-Halbinsel. BIRRI Melanie Hollaus, Daniel Dlouhy, Österreich 2010, 12 min Portrait Fernando Birri entstanden während des 19. IFFI 2010. SKARMETA Otto Licha, Österreich 2011, 12 min Portrait des chilenischen Regisseurs (ARDIENTE PACIENCIA) und autors Antonio Skarmeta entstanden während des 14. IFFI 2005. CROSSING CULTURES Carola Mair, Österreich/Cote d’Ivoire/Schweiz 2009, 35 min Ein filmischer Dialog zwischen den Kulturen Afrikas und Europas, der das Thema Chancengleichheit und kulturelle Vielfalt auch außerhalb Europas im öffentlichen Bewusstsein stärker verankern soll. THATO Teboho Edkins, Königreich Lesotho 2010, 27 min Portrait einer südafrikanischen schwangeren Frau, die Angst hat, dass ihr Baby mit AIDS geboren wird. Dritter Teil von Edkins AIDS-Trilogie, für die ersten beiden Teile erhielt er beim IFFI den Dokumentarfilmpreis. GUANAPE SUR János Richter , Italien 2010, 23 min Kooperation Zelig Alle 11 Jahre schippern 200 Arbeiter zu einer dürren Insel außerhalb von Peru. Einzig die Seevögel leben dort , deren Exkremente auf der Insel vertrocknen und als ammoniakreicher Dünger Verwendung finden sollen. AT/DE/SI/AT /CI /CH/LS/IT 0 Regie: div. 166 min, Video, Farbe, dt. OF / OmeU

LES OISEAUX DU CIEL (Vögel des Himmels)

Two friends named Shad and Otho leave the Ivory Coast to find their fortunes in Europe. They hope to return to their land like shining heroes – just like the warriors in their ancestors’ myths. In Spain, the two start running a taxi service for other illegal immigrants, until, one day the police suddenly put in an appearance at a birthday party. Shad manages to escape, but Otho is arrested and deported to Abidjan. France/GB/Côte d’Ivoire 2005 Regie: Eliane de Latour 109 min, 35 mm, Farbe, OF mit dt. UT Festival: Berlinale 06


„Many years ago, men and lions used to live together in peace and were allies. They protected each other. But little by little men forgot about their deal and in the end the lions did the same.” These are the words that Lionel’s dying grandfa- ther whispered to him in his village in Africa. Lionel is an 11-year-old boy who lives happily in Switzer- land with his mother and step- father. During a school trip to the zoo, Lionel is irresistibly attracted to an old lion lying in a cage. The lion starts to communicate with him and asks him to find a way to set him free in order to go back to Africa. Switzerland/Ivory Coast 2010 Regie: Mohammed Soudani 86 min, DCP, german Version