Catalin Musat


Sarajevo City of Film is the fund supporting the realization of short micro-budget films, created through artistic and technical cooperation between the young film authors from South-Eastern Europe. In this way the Sarajevo Film Festival wants to initiate the creation of a new network of young talented and creative authors of the region whose work represents the future of the regional cinematography.   FRIGIDANCE Kelmend Karun, Bosnia-Herzegovina/Albania 2010, 9 min SMART GIRLS Hana Jušić & Sonja Tarokić, Bosnia-Herzegovina/Croatia 2010, 24 min REVERSE Georgis Grigorakis, Bosnia-Herzegovina/Greece 2010, 19 min THE TICKET COLLECTOR Catalin Musat, Bosnia-Herzegovina/Romania 2010, 24 min BA/AL/HR /GR/RO 2010 Regie: Kelmend Karun, Hana Jušić & Sonja Tarokić, Georgis Grigorakis, Catalin Musat 76min, Video, Farbe, OmeU