Eines Tages bringt der Politiker Aurelio Saavedra seine 7-jährige uneheliche Tochter Masangeles wegen des unerwarteten Selbstmordes ihrer Mutter mit zu ihm nach Hause. Sie findet sich plötzlich in einer neuen Situation, lernt aber schnell, sich dieser selbstbezogenen Familie anzupassen. Die Jahre vergehen. Durch die Revolution steht das Land in Flammen. Masangeles verliebt sich in ihren Halbbruder Santiago, der die Rebellen unterstützt und wird von ihm schwanger. Flucht scheint der einzige Ausweg.

Uruguay/BE 2008
Regie: Béatriz Flores Silva
122 min, 35mm, Farbe, OF mit engl. U
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Filmpate: GPA-DJP

The cross-frontier migrant’s life ‘within the system’ – an endless, featureless, futureless round of queues – becomes even bleaker in December. Bipul doesn’t want to admit it, but the arrival of Lidia, a Russian girl makes a difference. Hope? Surely not! A future? Get real! December is also the ninth month of Martina’s pregnancy. But, just when the situation seems hopeless, help is at hand. A Christmas story.

Regie: Manu Riche
Belgien 2015
110min, OF­eUT
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DARATT (Dry Season/Trockenzeit)

At fifteen Atim goes to search for the man who killed his father. He arrives in N’Djamena, the capital of Chad, and begins investigating. Nassara, the murderer, now owns a small bakery. Atim gets himself engaged as an apprentice, and between the two men, a strange relationship develops in which Nassara’s wife will bring the affection they both seek.

Chad/France/Belgium/A 2006
Regie: Mahamat-Saleh Haroun
93 min, 35 mm, Farbe, OF mit dt. UT
Festival: Mostra del Cinema Venedig 06 (Jurypreis); In Kooperation mit Südwind Tirol
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Justin and his father Dieudonné are illegal immigrants living in Brussels. One night, during a crucial soccer match, Justin rings up the cable feed from downstairs – so he and his father can watch the Congolese soccer star Emile M’Penza in all his glory. When the police arrive and arrest Dieudonné, Justin makes a narrow escape.

Belgium 2002
Regie: Dominique Standaert
104 min, 35 mm, s/w und Farbe, franz.-holländ. OF mit engl. UT


Salina in the 1950s. A postman drag himself up the mountain with his last strength. He has the mail for Pablo Neruda, who is waiting for the end of his exile and for the Nobel Prize on the Mediterranean island. In Neruda the postman finds a friend who opens his eyes to the nature, love and poetry. The poet also sensitizes his new friend to politics, the fight for a good cause. IL POSTINO can be compared to the odes of Neruda: At first glance, it is a love letter to life in all its facets, at second glance, a quiet question about the things that really matter. read more


MY LAST DAY IN NIGERIA (Micah Magee, DE 2007) 8 min Ayoade hat keine Hoffnung für sein Land. Oder sollte er?

ES WAR EINMAL EINE MÖHRE (Jie Lu, DE 2009) 4 min Ein Bauer isst und wird immer wieder von einem Hasen gestört, jedes Mal wenn er sich mit seinem Essen beschäftigt.

LÉGENDE DE JEAN L’INVERSÉ (Philippe Lamensch, BE 2008) 18 min John hat einen Geburtsfehler: Seine Füße schauen nach hinten.

WESTEN (Stefan Holaus, AT 2009) 2 min Eine flache Geschichte aus dem Westen.

NOT SCARED (Kateryna Naumenko, UA 2009) 14 min Ein Geschwisterpaar verkauft in seinem Dorf Äpfel, um sich ein Motorrad leisten zu können. read more


Set in the frozen steppes of Mongolia, a young nomad confronted with his destiny after animals fall victim to a plague which threatens to eradicate nomadism.

Belgium/Germany/NL 2006
Regie: Peter, Jessica Brosens; Woodworth
104 min, 35 mm, Farbe, OF mit engl. UT
Festivals: Venedig 06 (Lion of the Future), Hofer Filmtage 06; In Anwesenheit des Produzenten Heino Decke

LE CERCLE DES NOYÉS (Drowned in Oblivion/Der Kreis der Ertrunkenen)

LE CERCLE DES NOYÉS (The Circle of Drowned Men) is the name given in Mauritania to black political prisoners imprisoned from 1987 in the old colonial fortress of Oualata. This film shows one former inmate’s attempts at dealing with his memories as he tells his story and that of his fellow prisoners. In a visual echo, the viewer sees the places of their confinement come one after another.

Belgium/France 2007
Regie: Pierre-Yves Vandeweerd
75 min, Beta SP, s/w, OF mit engl. UT
Festival: Berlinale 07
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Pandora’s Box

When three forty-something-year-old siblings in Istanbul receivea call one night that their ageing mother has disappeared fromher home on the Western Black Sea Coast of Turkey, the three setout to find her, momentarily setting aside their problems. As thesiblings come together, the tensions between them quickly becomeapparent, like Pandora‘s box spilling open. They come to realize thatthey know very little about each other. And even more so, they areforced to reflect on their own shortcomings. And it is her grandsonwho finally decides to come closer to the old woman and acceptsher the way she is. read more


I remember September 11, 1973, somber day on which America instigated a coup d’etat to knock down the peace-loving and democratic revolution which had been built in my faraway country Chile by eleminating ist President of the Republic, Salvador Allende, that „son-of-a-bitch“ as Nixon liked to refer to him. The urge to return to this atypical man, revolutionary and fanatic of democracy to the point of suicide, came over me for obvious historical reasons, but also for its cruel actuality. (Patricio Guzmán) read more


Porträts von Ex-Milizionären des Bürgerkriegs in Beirut wollte die 30jährige Libanesin Danielle Arbid machen. Dann kamen Zweifel: „Ich fragte mich, ob ich auch fähig gewesen wäre zu töten wie sie. Ich habe mich dann entschieden, einen Film über meine Erinnerung und über die kollektive Erinnerung des Libanon zu machen. Ich wollte ‚das Böse’ suchen, das uns dazu brachte, 16 Jahre lang einander abzuschlachten. Die Leute werden ja nicht böse geboren. Welche Rolle spiele ich dabei?“ (Viennale 2000) read more


Adam used to be a popular swimmer. For more than thirty years he has been happy working as a pool supervisor in a luxury hotel in N’Djamena, the capital city of Chad. However, Chinese investors take over the hotel and Adam is being degraded to parking attendant. Aside from that the civil war affects his yet peaceful life: rebels from the north advance on the capital and the district chief gives him the choice – either he donates money for the fight against the riots or his son Abdel gets pressed into service. Adam doesn’t have enough money.
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