Aysun Bademsoy

AM RAND DER STÄDTE (On the Outskirts)

Numerous settlements have grown in recent years on the outskirts of Mersin, a city on Turkey’s southern coast. Their structure and appearance is unusual for Turkey: large residential blocks in a circle around a kind of park, with big swimming pools, meeting plac-es, restaurants, and bars in the middle. The apart-ment balconies all face this artificially constructed center; the residents have turned their backs on the outside. Many of the residents here are ‘Deutschländer’ – Turks who lived for many years in Germany, saving their money to enjoy life this way now. Festival: Berlinale 06 read more


A documentary about the only Turkish Lady-football team in Europe. The girls of „BSC-Agrispor“ are between 16 and 18 years old and live in Berlin Kreuzberg. The 45 minute film shows the young women during their training, at away games, at home with their families and at their workplaces.

Germany 1995
Regie: Aysun Bademsoy
43 min, Beta SP, Farbe, dt. OF


In her documentary Aysun Bademsoy portraits five young Turkish girls from Berlin-Kreuzberg, who so far have belonged to the successful Turkish Lady-football team „BSC Agrispor“. Until recently the friends bound great hopes for an independent future to their sporting success.

Germany 1997
Regie: Aysun Bademsoy
60 min, 16 mm, Farbe, dt. OF
In Kooperation mit Goethe-Institut