500 frames directly painted on material were black exposed. An intoxination of exploded colors. Sometimes the viewer constructs a picture in his brain you cannot see on the screen.

Austria 2002
Regie: Markus Heltschl
8 min, Video, Farbe
Kurzfilmfestival Abidjan (FICA) 06


Documentary Film Award Christian Berger
After the communist regime had capitulated at the beginning of the nineties, in Tirana, the capital of Albania, three young people found themselves in a new and unfamiliar world.

Austria 2004
Regie: Marko Doringer
59 min, Video, Farbe, OF mit dt. UT
Festival: Zagreb 05


MY LAST DAY IN NIGERIA (Micah Magee, DE 2007) 8 min Ayoade hat keine Hoffnung für sein Land. Oder sollte er?

ES WAR EINMAL EINE MÖHRE (Jie Lu, DE 2009) 4 min Ein Bauer isst und wird immer wieder von einem Hasen gestört, jedes Mal wenn er sich mit seinem Essen beschäftigt.

LÉGENDE DE JEAN L’INVERSÉ (Philippe Lamensch, BE 2008) 18 min John hat einen Geburtsfehler: Seine Füße schauen nach hinten.

WESTEN (Stefan Holaus, AT 2009) 2 min Eine flache Geschichte aus dem Westen.

NOT SCARED (Kateryna Naumenko, UA 2009) 14 min Ein Geschwisterpaar verkauft in seinem Dorf Äpfel, um sich ein Motorrad leisten zu können. read more

JAVJA (Auf geht’s, vorwärts!)

About globalization and daily life in Mongolia.

Austria 2006
Regie: Elvira Kurabasa
70 min, Video, Farbe, OF mit dt. UT
Regie: Elvira Kurabasa, Petra Mühlberger, Elisabeth Öfner, Kathrin Paulischin, Andrea Reisinger

Karrner People

A film shot on a scrapyard near Amras, Innsbruck, based on a theatre play of the same name by Karl Schönherr, with real characters from the area.    

A 1984
Regie: Klaus Rohrmoser
18 min, 16mm, Orginial Version without Subtitles
Part of the Award Ceremony

Kisangani Diary

 1994. After the massacre of the Tutsis, 80,000 Hutus fled from Rwanda to Zaire. They now live in poverty alongside the overgrown railway south of Kisangani, plagued by famine, disease and persecution from armed militia. In 1997, Hubert Sauper travelled in a UN train in search of these “lost” refugees. In KISANGANI DIARY Sauper leads the viewer to mysterious places where massacres had happened only the night before, and accompanies the helpless attempts of assistance.

A 1998
Regie: Hubert Sauper
57 min, Colour, 35mm, Original with German subtitles
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Kleine Perestrojka

Hundreds of thousands of Indian men and women – indigenous inhabitants and landless farmers – demand their right to existence by making a 400 kilometre protest march from Gwalior to Delhi. How can one fight for one’s rights without using violence? With such an important contemporary question, the film spreads far beyond the borders of India. It shows the multiple facets of this imposing protest march and focuses as well on the daily realities of these proud people.

AUT 2012
Regie: Bernhard Pötscher
90 min, Farbe, DCP, OmdU
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Ayşe is getting married. Mustafa, her new husband, brings her from Turkey to Vienna as his second wife, even though this tradition is prohibited. Her new stepchildren, some of which are older than her, disapprove of her. Only Mustafa’s wife, who is suffering from cancer ,is genuinely pleased with Ayşe, knowing her husband in good hands. A special relationship evolves between the two very different women, but it soon gets tested.


Austria 2012
Regie: Umut Dağ

La Película de Ana

LA PELÍCULA DE ANA, Anas film. She’s an actress who’s unsuccessfully trying to make a living in Cuba while playing badly paid roles in TV shows. She needs to justify her choice of career not only to the family. But one day a friend recommends Ana to some Austrian producers who want to shoot a documentary about prostitution on the isle of Cuba. Considering the salary, Ana decides to take action and play a Cuban prostitute herself….

Cuba/Austria 2012
Regie: Daniel Díaz Torres
90 min, DCP, Farbe, OmU
Script: Eduardo del Llan
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Forty days have elapsed since the earthquake in Bam – southeastern Iran – and earthquake that killed over 68.000 people (unofficially) and destroyed the city and the ancient mud-brick citadel of Bam. The children of the Old Citadel School have finally gone back to school in the old citadel but as most buildings have been destroyed, class has been set up in the open air. The children have written compositions about their own experience of the earthquake and one by one are reading their composition out to the class. But the young girl, Fateme, does not want to read out her essay. read more

Libya Hurra

Fritz Ofner’s documentary takes us right into the Libyan uprising against Muammar al-Gaddafi. It follows the young revolutionaries but stays behind the front line. Ofner is not interested in the cruelty of war nor in the protesting crowds which have become part of the Arab spring‘s iconography. He rather shows us interviews with individuals speaking about their motivations, hopes and dreams. And despite the „collateral damage“ caused by NATO bombs, optimism can be sensed . Finally they really reach Gaddafi‘s palace. read more


17 year old Mamlakat dreams of being an actress. Unfortunately this is a rather difficult plan in the village in Uzbekistan where she lives. As a theatre company visits the town on tour she considers her chance to be come. Even though she misses the show she doesn’t miss one of the actors later that night. Shortly afterwards she comes to know that she is pregnant. To find out who the father of her child is she embarks on a journey across central Asia, together with her father and brother. Thereby they meet a lot of shady characters, including a marriage impostor.
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Maria Schell – a glamorous name, a dream career, and a tragic fate. A thrilling chapter in international film history full of episodes worth telling, with a bitter end to the life of an artist.

Austria/D/CH 2002
Regie: Maximilian Schell
90 min, 35 mm, Farbe, dt. OF


Nine-year-old Andreas is brought up by his grandmother. When she dies he puts the little angel of mortality into his mouth and stops talking. His silence provokes the people around him. Without wanting to, he brings disorder into well-ordered village life. Andreas evades the demands made on him and builds his own world, made of snow. The only other person who gets access to it is the vagabond. Shot in the East Tyrolean Dolomites, this is both a magic and realistic portrayal of life in the wild world of the mountains. read more


Max Müller, an underemployed private detective is asked by his beautiful but secretive client Bettina Kant to look for her disappeared boy-friend. With his assistant Larry, Müller combs the underworld. Soon they learn that Bettina is in hiding from somebody. With this film Niki List storied Austrian film history. The underground detective film parody, film noir and musical simultaneously, not only became his most successful film. Until today (and since the “Sissi” sequel) MÜLLERS BÜRO is the most successful Austrian film in the German speaking world. read more


Sarajevo. Luna and Amar are a happy couple, but their relationship is put on a hard test. After Amar has lost his job due to drunkenness, Luny starts to worry whether her dream of having a child with him can still come true. A former war comrade fixes Amar up with a new job in a strictly Muslim community. He gets more and more attracted by this community and feels comfortable in the strict and very devout lifestyle, but Luna refuses to follow him.

Bosnia-Herzegowina/AT/DE/HR 2010
Regie: Jasmila Žbanić
90 min, 35mm, Farbe, OF mit dt. UT
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May 2008: Kaisertal, an idyllic Tyrolean valley, is the last inhabited place in Austria to be connected to the vast European road network. This is the setting for Melanie Hollaus’ experimental story about an intercultural utopia. A colourful group of people presents its vision of a cosmopolitan community in this no longer secluded mountain world as a crazy manifesto for a lively, forward-looking tradition wherein nobody is excluded. The film produces its own cinematic reality that challenges the actual political one in a bold, straightforward way, utilising consciously the visual truth of the single image that goes beyond the fiction of story. (Marian Wilhelm) read more


Österreich 2008
Regie: Daniel Dlouhy

Only the Dead Return Home

Over one million Kurds live as political refugees in exile in Europe and many of them can never return to Turkey as they would be imprisoned immediately. But Kurdish freedom fighters are also prosecuted as terrorists in various EU countries. This film portrays these Kurds and shows places to where they can never return. It displays a movement of liberation, inspired by democratic, multi-ethnical and feminist ideals, and the fight for the Kurdish language and culture

A/IRQ 2015
Regie: Tina Leisch, Ali Can read more


A movie about frontiers: 1 = Turkey and 8 = its neighbouring countries. Primarily Kurds live in the two historically randomly separated cities Nusaybin (Turkey) and Al-Quamishli (Syria), but whilst in Turkey the spirit of resistance against the governmental authority prevails, fear and terror of the Assad regime rule Syria. At the borders between Iraq and Iran, the Kurdish identity issue dominates too and at the Georgian and Armenian borders it is apparent that the communist past still affects the present lives of the people. read more


A feeling of uncertainty hovers above Buenos Aires. A voice on the radio talks about looted supermarkets, vandalism and riots in the streets. Earthquakes and storms have triggered a serious depression across the country. The 45-year-old geologist Hernán therefore decides to move on from his comfortable life to prepare for the alleged doomsday in a survival camp at the Tigre Delta, a widely ramose maze of islands, rivers and channels. PARABELLUM shows how people change when disconnected from social norms. read more

QUEENS OF SOUND A Herstory of Reggae and Dancehall

Three generations of women in the Jamaican music business tell us about their past and present roles, their first steps on the way to success and their struggle for acceptance in a male-dominated business.

Austria 2006
Regie: Sandra Krampelhuber
74 min, Beta SP, Farbe, OF mit dt. UT
Festival: Crossing Europe 06; Nominiert für ray Filmmagazin-Dokumentarfilmpreis; In Anwesenheit von Sandra Krampelhuber; In Kooperation mit ray-Filmmagazin