Darwin’s Nightmare

Africa has always been like a self-service store for the West: slavery, colonization and globalisation. In the 1960s the fish species Nile Perch was introduced into Lake Victoria in East Africa. Three decades on, the predator has managed to extinguish the entire stock of native fish species. The outcome is an abundance of this large fish. And the fish fillet trade booms. Now cargo aeroplanes daily export the fillets to northern industrialised countries. But these aircraft do not arrive empty-handed – they are stocked with weapons. Because in Africa the weapons trade is as lucrative as the food trade.   read more


DAS IST ALLES – „THAT IS ALL“ is the sentence used most often by the people featured in the film: ethnic Germans living in a village in the Kaliningrad region (former Eastern Prussia), trying to adapt to their new circumstances. A film rich in deep moments, cinematographically reduced, without any voice-over or music. (Diagonale catalogue 2001)

Austria 2001
Regie: Tizza Covi & Rainer Frimmel
98 min, 35mm, Farbe, russisch-deutsche OmenglU


12-year-old Veysel, half Kurd half Turkish, is new in a strange country. At school he does not understand the language, and at home there is a big family conflict going on. The only happy moments are when he thinks of Ana, the girl from his class who he has deeply fallen in love with. The struggle between dream and reality seems to crush Veysel, until one day he meets his neighbour, a 33-year-old lovesick macho who becomes his first friend in this new country.

Austria 2012
Regie: Hüseyin Tabak
86 min, DCP, Farbe, deutsche OF
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A strong international cast is set against a Portuguese backdrop to explore the mysterious death of a young archaeologist and his last known contacts. Somewhere along the Portuguese coast, a man’s body washes ashore. Meanwhile, police detective Pinto finds a video camera in a nearby parked car with a tape of a young woman apparently unaware of being filmed. Like in one of Rivette’s films this work is an intellectual ball game in which the balls are lifted but also dropped. The ending? There are many truths! Beautiful pictures (camera: Christian Berger) and intellectual pleasure. read more

Der stille Berg

Italien erklärt Österreich den Krieg und der erste Weltkrieg überrollt Tirol. Ausgerechnet einen Tag bevor Andreas in den Krieg ziehen muss, kommt es zu seiner ersten Annäherung das das andere Geschlecht. Der Krieg in den Bergen verwandelt die Dolomiten in einen der bizarrsten Kriegsschauplätze in der Geschichte der Menschheit und die junge Liebe von Andreas und seiner Francesca steht unter keinem guten Stern.

A/IT/USA 2014
Regie: Ernst Gossner
98 min, DCP, Farbe, OmdUT
Doppelprogramm mit Global Warning
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„ The Lord created the world and in it’s centre he set the Alpenland (alpine country), the paradise on earth.“ – The Tyrolean version of the history of creation begins roughly like that, in which Pirchner is entrusted with keeping the alpine Garden of Eden clean. If he isn’t up to the task, a deadly leap into a mountain lake awaits him… DER UNTERGANG DES ALPENLANDES is an Austrian short film and a satire on the „Heimatfilm“-genre films which has gained cult-status. The same is true of Pirchner’s music which plays an important role in the film.
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In the year 1953, only eight years after the war, a group of Austrian film-makers decided to make a co-production film with Yugoslav authorities, former enemy from the World War II. In spite of many obstructions and misunderstandings on both sides, the film-team, led by producer Carl Szokoll and director Helmut Käutner, succeeded to finish THE LAST BRIDGE and won the „Prix International“ at the Cannes Festival 1954. The surviving participants of the crew are evoking their memories about this production. read more


DIE LEIDEN DES HERRN KARPF is the title of a successful short film-trilogy by Lola Randl and Rainer Egger. Each episode pictures a short scene from Herrn Karpf’s life and takes place in the living room of this Tyrolean neurotic. Whether he is suffering from an imaginary disease, expecting a lady visitor or has to deal with a „broken“ telephone on his birthday – Karpf shows his significant talent for putting up obstacles in his own way.

Austria/DE 2009
Regie: Lola Randl, Rainer Egger
31 min, Video, Farbe, dt. OF
Hommage Rainer Egger
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Ein Film über eine abenteuerliche Reise einiger Indigenas des Stammes Teribes in Costa Rica zurück zu ihrem Ursprung – ihren Wurzeln nach Panama.

Österreich/Costa Rica/Panama 2005
Regie: Carola Mair
25 min, Video, Farbe, OF mit dt. UT


Four girls trace the migration stories of their parents. In the course of their explorations they grow more self-confident and understand their bi-cultural identity as an opportunity, as intercultural competence.

Austria 2003
Regie: Ovagem Agaidyan
55 min, DVD, Farbe, türk. OF mit dt. UT

DIRECTOR’S EDITION – Shorts selected by Helmut Groschup

JEAN ROUCH IM CINEMATOGRAPH (Otto Licha, AT 2003) 10 min Eines der letzten Dokumente vor Jean Rouchs Tod durch einen Verkehrsunfall. Ein Gespräch mit StudentInnen der Vergleichenden Literaturwissenschaft im Cinematograph. 

HABITAT (Maix Mayer, DE 2008) 22 min Fortführung eines mit CANYON (2006) und ABG (2007) begonnenen Filmzyklus, der städtisches Leben und Wahrnehmung konfrontiert. Die Handlung spielt parallel auf zwei Inseln in zwei Kulturkreisen. Sie werden durch reale und imaginäre Reisen des filmischen Protagonisten miteinander verknüpft. read more


The townspeople living near a state-run prison in Chile would probably rather forget that it is there, but even from outside the walls they can hear the shrieks of men being tortured, and they cannot pretend not to see the treatment given to men who almost succeed in escaping. Finally, they agree, all of them, that enough is enough. They cannot face themselves in the mirror or hold their heads up if they do not protest this depravity, no matter what the consequences. Soon, every man in town is imprisoned for protesting prison abuses, except one old grandfather who was too old to join in. He cannot bear to be left outside, and calls the guards rude names until he is taken as well. read more


„In Mexico there are two things: The holy virgin of Guadalupe and football.” Jose Luis Trejo, the filmmaker’s father, is portrayed in his function as the coach of CF Pachuca, a renowned 1st league football team in Mexico. The film describes his stressful life and work as a football coach: team management, game analysis, training before and after the decisive games. Two thirds of professional coaches are suffering from various heart diseases including coach Trejo. To be a football coach is glorious and rewarding … as long as your team wins. read more


Tenderness and hate after the war in Croatia, great expectations and great disappointments: these conflicting emotions drive people into a flight forward, a flight into idylls but also into a new era. This is a montage of material from research for a feature film, presented in video double projection. It’s an attempt to find a new narrative form using documentary methods.

Austria 1998
Regie: Christian Berger
90 min, Video-Doppelprojektion, Farbe, OF

Etwas Paradies

When about 330 Tyroleans and 120 Rhinelanders migrated to the Peruvian jungle in the mid 19th century, they carried little luggage, but a lot of hope with them. 160 years later, mobility and migration are a constant topic not only of the past but also of the present. Many native Peruvian people have come to the once remote area, and the Tyrolean dialect has become rare. In this documentary the people of Pozuzo get to speak about their perceptions of home, identity and origins.

Peru/Austria 2013
Regie: Daniel Dlouhy
84 min, DCP, Farbe, OmU
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In Guatemala, civil war is officially over since 1996. Nevertheless people still desperately long for peace. Violence which was brought to Guatemala by 36 years of war is still everywhere. Each day it claims more victims. Virtually everyone could be a murderer. However not only the suffering from post-war trauma leads to unending conflicts. Global fights about cheap ressouces also add to more violence. In his documentary, Fritz Ofner searches for the roots of destruction and shows how people in Guatemala cope with the danger in their everyday life. read more


Ezra is based on facts inspired by the Sierra Leonean conflict. It is centered around one event: an atrocious attack on a village by drug fuelled rebel soldiers. The jigsaw puzzle of what occurred that night is reconstructed through the testimonies of three witnesses: Ezra, an ex-combatant, his sister Onitcha, who is neither able to speak nor make herself understood, and Cynthia, Ezra’s fellow ex-soldier-companion. What is supposed to be reconciliation soon becomes a trial, as Onitcha chooses this as the arena to reveal a secret she has kept from her brother. read more


A film project made by young migrant people aged 16 to 25 about issues like poverty, social marginalisation, home country, faith, diversity and discrimination.

Austria 2011
Regie: div.
, Video, Farbe, dt. OF


MAKING OF feature films DEAD MAN’S MEMORIES and NE FAIS PAS ÇA! , about the development and use of the “Cine Reflect Light System“ in cooperation with Bartenbach Lichtlabor. It will be shown at the workshop discussion on “New Concepts of Light in Film“, with Christian Berger, Mohammed Soudani and Karl Saurer.

Austria 2003
Regie: Christian Berger
, Video, Farbe
Vorführung im Rahmen des Werkstattgesprächs „Neues Lichtdenken im Film“ mit Christian Berger, Mohammed Soudani und Karl Saurer read more


A Portrait of Shaji N. Karun, recorded during his stays in Izola and Innsbruck.

Austria 2005
Regie: Ale Bachlechner, Hari Schernthaner, Georg Simbeni, Günther Heim, Joachim Leitner, Evelin Stark, Elias Stabentheiner
12 min, Video, Farbe
Ein Film von Hari Schernthaner, Günther Heim, Joachim Leitner, Georg Simbeni, Ale Bachlechner, Evelin Stark, Elias Stabentheiner

Global Warning

Every year new relics from the First World War are brought to the surface due to the melting of North-Italy’s glaciers. Among them, not only live ammunition and fire weapons, but also the bodies of fallen soldiers, which were preserved in the ice. Ernst Gossner ’ s documentary GLOABAL WARNING detects connections between global warming and the economic motivations of warfare. Since the military conflicts of WW1 global disputes seem to increase, as is the global temperature.
Ernst Gossner  (*1967 in Brixlegg/Tirol) is an award-winning director. In 2008 his film SOUTH OF PICO won the IFFI’s Public Award. His documentary GLOBAL WARNING and his feature film THE SILENT MOUNTAIN address the topic of war and questions why wars are such a persistent part of the cultural history of mankind while always following the same patterns.
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Pyongyang, North Korea. Four young women are connected by an unusual passion: football. They are former players of the first North Korean national football team and were fired after they had failed in the Olympic preliminary contest in Athens. Now they have built a life outside the football court. The film follows the four protagonists over a time of seven years and tells about the experiences they made as athletes in North Korea and as North Korean athletes in championships outside their country. read more


Category: IFFI 2004, Migration
20 young migrants from Germany, France, Austria and Slovenia created three short films together. They deal with the youth’s own identity and their shared European cultural identity.

Austria 2004
Regie: Kollektiv
45 min, DVD, Farbe


Italy/Austria 2009
Regie: Florian Kofler