Andrea Reisinger


The “Blue Moon“ stands for something rare and special – like an unexpected encounter with love. A money handover ends up in unforeseen complications for the legman and small-time-criminal who calls himself Johnny Pichler. Soon afterwards he finds himself in a car, next to the beautiful callgirl Shirley, racing towards the East. When Shirley suddenly takes off, he follows the few clues he has about her background, trying to find her. Ultimately his odyssey brings him to Odessa…

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JAVJA (Auf geht’s, vorwärts!)

About globalization and daily life in Mongolia.

Austria 2006
Regie: Elvira Kurabasa
70 min, Video, Farbe, OF mit dt. UT
Regie: Elvira Kurabasa, Petra Mühlberger, Elisabeth Öfner, Kathrin Paulischin, Andrea Reisinger