Alireza Ghanie


Forty days have elapsed since the earthquake in Bam – southeastern Iran – and earthquake that killed over 68.000 people (unofficially) and destroyed the city and the ancient mud-brick citadel of Bam. The children of the Old Citadel School have finally gone back to school in the old citadel but as most buildings have been destroyed, class has been set up in the open air. The children have written compositions about their own experience of the earthquake and one by one are reading their composition out to the class. But the young girl, Fateme, does not want to read out her essay. read more


The film traces the „adventures of a dream“. It tells a story of the friendship between a young man and an old poet (played by H.C. Artmann – Austrian poet, 14.06.1921-04.12.2000). Having heard nothing from each other for a long time, because of a journey, the young man writes a letter to the poet to tell him about the events of a dream he had during his journey to his father’s homeland, looking for his father’s whereabouts. Because he hasn’t heard of him for so long, regardless of whatever he would have to face. While reading the young man’s letter, the poet comes to an inspiration to continue his unfinished work. He tries to visualize the young man’s description according to his own point of view. Thus we witness the creative process of a story which the old poet writes down after a long break in his artistic period. Will it be the last trip of his life? read more