Abderrahmane Sissako


In the back garden of the communal dwelling in a poor district of Bamako, Mali, a people’s tribunal is set up to lay charges against the IMF and the World Bank on behalf of the people of Africa. The life of a female vocalist and her unemployed husband, who live in the house, are also influenced by the court case.

France/Mali 2006
Regie: Abderrahmane Sissako
118 min, 35 mm, Farbe, OF mit dt. UT
In Kooperation mit Südwind Tirol

HEREMAKONO (Waiting for happiness)

In Mali, houses built for temporary accommodation are called Heremakono: they ‘wait for happiness’. Nouadhibou, a small town on the Mauritanian coast, is also such a transit point where people wait for happiness. They try to earn some money and then leave for their real destination. Abdallah visits his mother there, before travelling to Europe. He doesn’t talk the local language and is not interested in the customs and festivities there – his thoughts are already in the North. Yet he observes with increasing interest the lives of the inhabitants: the cares of the beautiful prostitute Nana, the karaoke of a Chinese immigrant, or the old man who tries (in vain) to maintain the local electricity supply with the aid of the orphan boy Khatra.
Before Sissako left for Moscow as a young man, where he studied at the VGIK film school, he himself also lived in Nouadhibou. Like the windy coastal town on the boundary between ocean and desert, the inhabitants are also on a mental border: between uprooting and happiness, between melancholy and serenity. They are played by a non-professional cast, whose improvisations formed the basis for Sissako’s poetic observations of everyday life in Nouadhibou. read more