The film recounts the mysterious story of the Indian elephant Raja that journeyed through the forests of Kerala via Lisbon to Vienna in the year 1550. The reconnaissance trip made by Gandhi-activist P.V. Rajagopal on Raja’s route provokes surprising associations. The film reenacts the little elephant’s imprisonment, training and appearances at temple ceremonies – until he was ambushed as a status symbol by European rulers. It is a story of misappropriation that continues today.

Switzerland 2007
Regie: Karl Saurer
78 min, Beta SP, Farbe, OF mit dt. UT
Festival: Bozner Filmtage 07; In Anwesenheit von Karl Saurer; In Kooperation mit Reck Filmproduktion Zürich und Cine Tirol

2007, 2014, Archive, Opening Film, Specials

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