Two young women are travelling through Ecuador with their backpacks. The Spaniard Esperanza as a tourist and the native Tristeza, whose destination is Cuenca, where the man she loves is about to marry another woman. However, by an unlucky turn of events, the bus they are on gets delayed due to a worker strike. Taking their journey into their own hands, they decide to hitchhike to Cuenca. Along the way they meet interesting characters who help them re-evaluate the purpose of their journey. Tania Hermida’s tragicomic road-movie is a meditation about travelling and long journeys in coach buses.

Ecuador 2006
Regie: Tania Hermida
92 min, 35mm, Farbe, OF mit dt./frz. UT

2009, Archive, Audience Award Winner, Audience Competition, Feature Film, Fiction Film Competition, International Competition

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