Powder Keg – Bure Baruta

Book-ended by a cabaret-style master of ceremonies, the film is a stark illustration of the hell-hole that Yugoslavia has become as it follows assorted characters (some of whose paths eventually cross) during a freezing winter’s night in Belgrade. A young man who accidentally crashes into another car is assaulted at home by thugs; a policeman, whose body has been badly broken, faces the man who beat him up; a desperate bruiser murders his best friend with a bottle before killing himself and a troubled girl with a grenade and, as with most other scenes, there is a lot of pointless, uncontrolled violence.

JUG, MAZ, F, GR, TRK 1998
Regie: Goran Paskaljević
100 min, Colour, 35mm, Original with German subtitles
FIPRESCI Award – Venice IFF 1998 FIPRESCI Award – European Film Academy 1998 Grand Prix (Golden Anchor) – Haifa IFF 1998 Grand Prix (Golden Orange) IFF 1998 Bronze Camera 300 (Milan Spasić) – ICFF Manaki Brothers 1998 Film of the Year in Yugoslavia Voted

2015, Archive, Award of Honor, Retrospektive

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