POUPÉES D’ARGILE (Araïs al-Teïn)

Omrane, about forty, a former house servant, feels freed when he becomes a purveyor of house-maids, whom he transports on his delivery tricycle from his home village to place them with families of upstarts recently settled in the so-called posh districts of the Greater Tunis. Rebeh, a wild beauty, the most exuberant among his recruits, overwhelmed by hard domestic chores, feeling gradually snatched by the breeze of the pleasures of life and by the wind of freedom, takes the French leave.

Tunesia/F 2002
Regie: Nouri Bouzid
100 min, 35 mm, Farbe, OF mit dt./franz. UT
Festivals: Nantes 02, IFFI 2003 (Filmpreis des Landes Tirol)

2006, Archive, Focus Africa

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