The country lad Adrian arrives in Buenos Aires to work as a skittle boy in a bowling alley. Between the small flat and the narrow work space at the end of the bowling lane, he takes the time to listen attentively to the stories of his older colleagues. The hero is enhanced with «a great inner light» which, is the prerogative of the underprivileged, enabling him to bear the enormous physical strain caused by this type of work: a skittle which could break his leg, the great physical stamina required, and the totally jumbled timetable.

Argentina 2004
Regie: Ana Poliak
93 min, 35 mm, Farbe, OF mit engl. UT
In Anwesenheit von Ana Poliak

2005, Archive, Feature Film, Fiction Film Award, Fiction Film Competition, International Competition, Preis des Landes Tirol

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