The secret services of a 1980s Latin American dictatorship round up a group of opponents, made up of a student who has a passion for boxing (Leonardo Sbaraglia), a gay cook (Daniel Fanego), a disillusioned lecturer (Andrea Prodan), a factory worker who loves the bolero (Jorge Perugorría) and a barber who prefers the tango (Luigi Maria Burruano).   The prisoners are taken to an old abandoned railway station in the desert, called “Nowhere”, where they are guarded by a platoon of soldiers. But the condition they find themselves in does not prevent their human warmth and playfulness from shining through.   With the help of an offbeat adventurer (Harvey Keitel), a desert dweller (Fernando Guillen Cuervo) and a beautiful girl (Laura Mañá), the captives plan an escape that will prove unforgettable for both their persecutors and for those who have experienced the true and disquieting spirit of freedom.   “Nowhere” is a long journey to the heart of the most wondrous of utopias.

Italy/ARG/ES 2002
Regie: Luis Sepúlveda
105 min, 35mm, Farbe, OF mit engl. UT
Bogotá Film Festival 2002; Havanna Film Festival 2002

2003, Archive, Feature Film, Fiction Film Competition, International Competition

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