Alex’s Wedding is a chronicle of an afternoon during which three people’s lives change dramatically. Husband Alex goes to bring home his second wife. Elise, the love of his youth and his first wife, goes with him as required by tradition. Joséphine, the new bride, prepares to leave her parents to join Alex. Alex’s Wedding reveals the reality of polygamous marriage with scenes such as the preparation of the meal on the wedding night, the religious ceremony and the recommendations made to the bride by her father. Drawn from real life, Alex’s Wedding transcends the traditional debate about polygamy by showing what the first wife may go through in this kind of situation. «In trying to respect individual choices whilst avoiding any accusing stance, I acted as a witness filming the ceremony, representing reality and the hidden and explicit meanings as genuinely as possible. A ceremony, which is supposed to celebrate love and to mark the beginning of a hopefully happy period of life, but during which there is constant talk of tolerance, submission and respect.» (Jean-Marie Teno)

Cameroon/F 2002
Regie: Jean-Marie Teno
45 min, Betacam SP, 4:3, Farbe, OF mit engl. UT

2003, Archive, Retrospektive, Showcase