El Hadj, a young Senegalese, is studying in Paris. His residency permit having come to an end, he finds himself faced with a dilemma: either return to Africa, or stay in France illegally.

Caught in a turmoil of contradictory feeling, between his desire to go home and use his knowledge to serve his country and that of remaining where he feels comfortable, he is tortured by his beliefs and the desires he hasn’t come to terms with: the memory of the man he was, the image of the man he hoped to be and the realisation of what he feels himself becoming… How can you establish a sense of yourself when you feel like a traitor? Between existential questions and doubts of his identity. L’AFRANCE follows El Hadj during these difficult few days.

„For exile means taking a distance: abroad, one has to face up to oneself. Who are we, what in our manner of thinking will hold out against the inroads of another world? No doubt that which truly belongs to us.“ (Alain Gomis)

France 2001
Regie: Alain Gomis
90 min, 35mm, 1:1,66, Farbe, DTS SR, OF mit engl. UT
Silberner Leopard, Locarno 2001; GNCR-Preis, Angers European First Film Festival 2002

2003, Archive

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