May 2008: Kaisertal, an idyllic Tyrolean valley, is the last inhabited place in Austria to be connected to the vast European road network. This is the setting for Melanie Hollaus’ experimental story about an intercultural utopia. A colourful group of people presents its vision of a cosmopolitan community in this no longer secluded mountain world as a crazy manifesto for a lively, forward-looking tradition wherein nobody is excluded. The film produces its own cinematic reality that challenges the actual political one in a bold, straightforward way, utilising consciously the visual truth of the single image that goes beyond the fiction of story. (Marian Wilhelm)

Austria 2008
Regie: Melanie Hollaus
35 min, Video, Farbe, dt. OF
unterstützt vom Land Tirol und Cine Tirol

2009, Archive, Specials

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