Journey to the Sun

Category: IFFI 2014, In Focus: Yeşim Ustaoğlu
Two young men from opposite regions of Turkey meet by chance inIstanbul and become friends. Both hope for a better future and trytheir luck in the big city. Berzan comes from a Kurdish village in thefar east and every morning walks arounf the city with his cart full ofmusic cassettes. Mehmet has only recently arrived from westernTurkey and finds a job at the waterworks. Mehmet has never thatBerzan is Kurdish. What matters to him are the dreams of the two,the joy of being together, the closeness that feels good. Berzan longsfor his home village, where he believes that his fiancée is waiting forhim, while Mehmet has fallen in love in Istanbul with the sensitiveArzu. She had grown up in Germany. Meanwhile, Arzu has returnedto her old home and experiences how quickly one can be suspectedof belonging to the political opposition here.

Türkei / Deutschland / Niederlande 1999
Regie: Yeşim Ustaoğlu
110 min, 35mm, Colour, OmdU

2014, Archive

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