This film was shot around the same time as Les Maîtres Fous (1954) and marked Rouch’s departure from a straightforward ethnographic approach to his distinctive “ethno-fiction” approach in which the film is improvised with his West African friends.
In Jaguar , Damouré, Lam and Illo play the roles of young Africans who, at that time, migrated from the interior during the dry season to the Gold Coast in search of work. Their picaresque and rambling adventures along the way provide the antic story-line of the film. The different episodes of the film were worked out by the actors at the time of shooting.
„A film like Jaguar was fun. It was shot as a silent film and we made it up as we went along. It’s a kind of journal de route – my working journal along the way with my camera. We were playing a game together, we were all in the same car going down to the coast. … We shot the film like that in one year. The narration was done later on, and the film was not edited on a beach but was actually filmed in the camera in the final order you see it on the screen. I brought the film back two years later… we improvised the commentary in one day and it was first class.“ Jean Rouch

Niger/GH 1967
Regie: Jean Rouch
92 min, 16mm, Farbe, OmenglU

2003, Archive, Tribute

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