We are proud to announce that this year’s IFFI Honorary Award goes to the Algerian filmmaker Mohammed Soudani
for his life’s work and his long-standing collaboration with the IFFI!
Most of Soudani’s films have been part of the IFFI and have contributed to an outstandingly diversity within last years’ programmes.
Soudani is the first African filmmaker to win the IFFI Honorary Award and can be seen as a bridge-builder between the continents.
We are grateful to honour him as a great filmmaker and friend of our festival.

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2 thoughts on “IFFI HONORARY AWARD 2016

  1. Lieber Herwig, der Ehrenpreis ist nicht dotiert – wie der Name schon sagt ist das eine Ehrung – also lei so a Statue 🙂 Aber die ist dafür schön.

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