Von Irland nach Innsbruck – Unsere Grafikerin im Portrait (englisch)

Here at IFFI, our love for film comes first. But there is more to the festival than just that. Each year we work with a diverse team of programmers, writers and designers to deliver the festival. As the 2018 event looms ever closer, we would like to introduce them to you to offer a behind-the-scenes look at IFFI.

One such talented team member is Lucia Pola, a graphic designer from Slovakia who has been creating the IFFI visuals for the past three years. Lucia likes to take an innovative approach to design, through a combination of analogue and digital technology. This year, the result is a unique image that reflects the surrounding mountains of Innsbruck and incorporates the art of film making.

I prefer more of an analogue approach to creating the final visuals for IFFI,” explains Lucia. “I create environments or manipulate existing images by hand or through various techniques and take photographs of that, so the final graphic is essentially a photograph itself.

I am terrible with words but my concepts for the graphics always evolves around the concept of film as a medium. For example, this year I looked at the film as a series of still images placed one after another to create an illusion of the movement. The images are printed on the acetate and with the introduction of light I achieved the overlaid effect and transparency within the final photograph.”

Lucia always incorporates mountains into IFFI visuals, but each year adopts a different approach.

She adds, “For the past three years, I have used a photo of the same mountain and introduced it from different angles to convey different stories, perceptions, feelings, beauty or atmosphere in the same way that cinema does.  I decided to use the mountains because of the obvious reasons. They are one of the trademarks of the city, but I try to show them in a more surreal cinematic way.”

Lucia lives in Limerick, Ireland, where she runs a graphic design studio. For more information about the festival and for regular updates follow IFFI on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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