Ezra is based on facts inspired by the Sierra Leonean conflict. It is centered around one event: an atrocious attack on a village by drug fuelled rebel soldiers. The jigsaw puzzle of what occurred that night is reconstructed through the testimonies of three witnesses: Ezra, an ex-combatant, his sister Onitcha, who is neither able to speak nor make herself understood, and Cynthia, Ezra’s fellow ex-soldier-companion. What is supposed to be reconciliation soon becomes a trial, as Onitcha chooses this as the arena to reveal a secret she has kept from her brother.

Nigeria/F/A 0
Regie: Newton I. Aduaka
106 min, 35mm, Farbe, OF mit engl. UT
Etalon Yanenga Fespaco 2007

2008, Archive

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