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Regie: Shaji N. Karun
Indien 2018
109' OmenglU

Getragen von der fantastischen Stimmung seiner Hauptfigur, des jungen Vasu, der als Touristenführer und untalentierter Maler im familieneigenen Souvenirstand jobt, entwickelt der Film eine fabelhafte Erzählung über eine Göttin im See und ein vergewaltigtes Mädchen, das von ihren Folterern ertränkt wurde. Die junge Frau leiht der Göttin Olu ihren Körper und erwacht zu neuem Leben. Sie verliebt sich in den jungen Mann, dessen Lernreise des Erwachsenwerdens ihn in noch andere surreale Welten eintauchen lässt – etwa die des internationalen Kunstbetriebs…
Götter und Künstler geraten in Vergessenheit, sobald ihnen keine Aufmerksamkeit mehr zuteil wird. So wie all die misshandelten Frauen auch.

„Shaji N. Karun is back”, wrote an Indian newspaper.

OLU is his first new film since 2013. The six films he made before were awarded both during Indian festivals and abroad. PIRAVI, his first feature film, received awards in Cannes and Locarno. SWAHAM was nominated at the Cannes Competition. OLU will be screened in Europe for the first time.
OLU is a film made with and about the power of imagination. We follow the communication between sadly painter Vasu and the invisible mermaid Maya. However, sad enough, it turns out that she is not really a mermaid but the ghost of a raped woman.
Shaji N. Karun is one of the least commercial filmmakers I’ve ever met. He needs his time to produce a film, and does so in a way that confuses me every time and makes me happy at the same moment. He has the great skill to put dreams into pictures and then you are in the middle of „Pictures of an Exhibition”; every picture has its meaning, is an important piece of art. OLU is a film about the relationship between men and women, between the province and its metropolitan centre and it is a film about the different images of beauty. To explain the beauty of the invisible mermaid he uses computer generated images representing also the unconscious, the origin of dreams – maybe. Nobody knows where dreams are coming from, but Shajis photography makes them visible and real, at least for a short moment in time. Believe in the power of dreams but never try to catch them – I think this is what Shaji wants to say. OLU has a little bit of a psycho party which reminds me of Hitchcock or the Argentinian Eliseo Subiela, who also mixed dreams with reality. Shaji´s cinema is a slow cinema which does not fit into any category – he produces so called long-sellers. You can watch and sell them now or ten years later. That’s why I appreciate his work as much as the sometimes unbeloved films of Godard, Pasolini, Rocha and other big stars of world cinema. I warmly invite you to immerse 109 minutes of your life into Shajis fantastic visions of cinema.
The malian filmmaker Moussa Sene Absa said after visiting Shajis film PIRAVI in Izola in 2004: „I saw a film in the malayam language with slovenian and german subtitels. I didn’t understand a word, but I understood everything.”

Helmut Groschup
Co Founder of Kino Otok and Member of International Board
Cultural Embassador of Izola
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