„In Mexico there are two things: The holy virgin of Guadalupe and football.” Jose Luis Trejo, the filmmaker’s father, is portrayed in his function as the coach of CF Pachuca, a renowned 1st league football team in Mexico. The film describes his stressful life and work as a football coach: team management, game analysis, training before and after the decisive games. Two thirds of professional coaches are suffering from various heart diseases including coach Trejo. To be a football coach is glorious and rewarding … as long as your team wins.

Austria/Mexico 2005
Regie: Alex Trejo
60 min, Video, Farbe, OF mit dt. UT
Christian-Berger-Dokumentarfilmpreis; Visions of Reality; Fußball-WM-Serie; In Kooperation mit STASTO – Wacker Innsbruck

2006, Archive, Documentary, Documentary Film Competition

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