EN EL HOYO (In the Pit/Im Loch)

A portrait of the construction workers involved in building the second deck of Mexico City’s Periférico freeway. Following the lives of a number of road-workers during the construction of a gargantuan bridge in Mexico City, the film follows a fairly loose narrative structure, but does what all good documentaries should do by helping us to understand why its subjects are the way they are. Rulfo offers us a mosaic of these people’s lives, helping us to come to terms with the spiritual, political and psychological motivations behind their behaviour. While they remain in many ways enigmatic, particularly the wonderful Shorty, we are always connected to them because of Rulfo’s skillful inclusion of humour and powerful visual sense. (IMDb)

Mexico 2005
Regie: Juan Carlos Rulfo
85 min, 35 mm, Farbe, OF mit engl. UT
Festival: Sundance 06 (Bester Dokumentarfilm); In Kooperation mit AK Tirol

2007, Archive

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