A scientist in a candle-lit grotto sends an assistant out into the forest to collect the DNA samples of partisan guerillas and cosmonauts he needs to complete his elixir. These stragglers from squadrons and off-course space explorers roam the swamps in a hotspot of the space-time continuum, toasting to their ideals of brotherhood and the galaxy around campfires in their lost search for infinity, while elsewhere torchlit rituals call into question the solidity of the human form. The hope of resurrection for the Russian soul drives Elixir, a film of wry humour, arresting images and an impassioned ode to grandiose idealism.

Filmpate: Länderzentren der Universität Innsbruck
Regie: Daniil Zinchenko
Russische Föderation 2015
80min, OF­eUT

2016, Archive, Feature Film

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