Eduardo del Llano: Nicanor Shorts

Eduardo del Llano is author and script writer in Havanna, Cuba.His main character, Nicanor, appears in his novels as well as his short stories. Since 2004 Eduardo del Llano has been director: PAS DE QUATRE, ACHÉ, PRAVDA and EXIT are party 7 to 10 of his Nicanor short films. PAS DE QUATRE Cuba 2009, 20 min The only taxi driver in the world who believes in freedom of movement. ACHÉ Cuba 2010, 29 min Is living without a flag really living? PRAVDA Cuba 2010, 15 min Underground graffitis… supporting the government? EXIT Cuba 2011, 37 min Sometimes, to be punched in the face is the prize of fame.

Cuba 2011
Regie: Eduardo del Llano
101 min, Video, Farbe, OmeU
Hommage Eduardo del Llano

2011, Archive, Shorts, Tribute

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