DELWENDE (Lève-toi et marche)

The small village of Saaba in Burkina Faso is struck by misfortune. Every day children die inexplicably. The elders evoke a curse and decide to wear the Siongho to discover the evildoer. Meanwhile, Pugbila, a pretty young girl, confesses to her mother, Napoko, that she has been raped, but refuses to designate the culprit. During the ceremony the spirits of the departed point out Napoko, and she is banished from the village.

Burkina Faso/France/Switzerland 2005
Regie: S. Pierre Yaméogo
90 min, 35 mm, Farbe, OF mit dt. UT
Festivals: Rotterdam 06, Fribourg 06; In Anwesenheit von S. Pierre Yaméogo; In Kooperation mit CARITAS

2007, Archive

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