Damouré Zika, Lam Ibrahim Dia and Jean Rouch formed their own company, DALAROU, in order to produce this picaresque, feature-length narrative film in which a market peddler (Lam) takes a friend (Damouré) to the countryside for an outing. Instead, they meet with a series of supernatural adventures, including an encounter with a sorceress, and don’t return to Niamey for a year. The three travel through the countryside selling chickens in an old 2CV that takes on an almost character-like role in the film. Structurally, the film is composed of ten-minute sequence shots with very little editing.
“The subject of this film is the “marginals” of Africa. I have come to the conclusion that changes in society are due primarily to those few people who are on the fringe of society, those who see the economic absurdity of the system… They have to find some way to make a living without being trapped by the system. The plot deals with how three men go with their car into the countryside to buy chickens for resale in a large city… The car you see belonged to Lam, the main character… The car had no license, no brakes, no lights. I thought it would be most interesting to show the routine of the marginal economy.“ Jean Rouch

Niger/F 1974
Regie: Jean Rouch
90 min, 35mm, Farbe, OF

2003, Archive, Tribute

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