La Sirène De Faso Fani

Since the textile factory Faso Fani in Koudougou, the third-largest city in Burkina Faso, was shut down in 2011, it has been left to rot. Michel Zongo grew up in Koudougou and in his impressive documentary film he visits former employees. Through their eyes and voices the movie tells the tragic tale of globalisation. However, Zongo does not focus on the demise of the town, but portrays an African resistance against the madness of globalisation. OBV/F/D/KAT 2015 Regie: Michel K. Zongo 89 min, Colour, DCP, Original with English subtitles In Cooperation with Caritas Tirol

“Revolution” Museum

A revolution does not only change the social and political landscapes of a country, it also alienates the functions of things. A light bulb becomes a vessel for a Molotov cocktail, and car tyres become barricades. At the Maidan (Independence Square) in Kiev, these military remnants became installations, performances, and happenings. Most of these war artworks were moved to museums right after the revolution. But what is to be done with a place of memory? A cinematic document about the instant museumification of a revolution.   RU 2014 Regie: Nataliya Babintseva 73 min, Colour, DCP, Original with English subtitles


In reports on voluntary work in Africa, we usually only experience the views of the people who went there for a couple of months, and these views have dominated our opinions of voluntary work in Africa in general. But what do the supervisors of all these visitors think about them coming and going? From many different points of view, the film shows what people in South Africa, Ghana and Gambia think about voluntary helpers.     D 2014 Regie: Ferdinand Carrière/ Christian Weinert 87 min, Colour, DCP, Original with German subtitles

Coming of Age

For two years, Teboho Edkin has been following the daily lives of four teenagers who live in a remote village in the mountainous kingdom of Lesotho in southern Africa.  And as the title indicates – it is about coming of age, of life between traditions and awakenings, duty and obstinacy. For all the small and large questions which are dealt with in COMING OF AGE, Teboho Edkins finds impressive pictures. Archaic, yet strangely familiar.       SA/DE 2015 Regie: Teboho Edkins 63 min, Colour/DCP/Original with English subtitles


Chala is a streetwise boy who makes life difficult for his teacher Carmela. Carmela has been committed to teaching since the first days of the Cuban Revolution. When Chala’s behaviour (conducta) results in him being sent to an approved school, Carmela tries everything in her power to show that the problem is not the child, but the system. Ernesto Daranas penetrates the heart of the Revolution’s achievements and connects social criticism with ambitious narrative cinema.   CUB 2014 Regie: Ernesto Daranas 108 min, Colour, DCP, Original with German subtitles

Darwin’s Nightmare

Africa has always been like a self-service store for the West: slavery, colonization and globalisation. In the 1960s the fish species Nile Perch was introduced into Lake Victoria in East Africa. Three decades on, the predator has managed to extinguish the entire stock of native fish species. The outcome is an abundance of this large fish. And the fish fillet trade booms. Now cargo aeroplanes daily export the fillets to northern industrialised countries. But these aircraft do not arrive empty-handed – they are stocked with weapons. Because in Africa the weapons trade is as lucrative as the food trade.   A 2005 Regie: Hubert Sauper 107 min, Colour, 35mm, Original with German subtitles Academy Awards Nomination for „Best Documentary Feature“

Der stille Berg

Italien erklärt Österreich den Krieg und der erste Weltkrieg überrollt Tirol. Ausgerechnet einen Tag bevor Andreas in den Krieg ziehen muss, kommt es zu seiner ersten Annäherung das das andere Geschlecht. Der Krieg in den Bergen verwandelt die Dolomiten in einen der bizarrsten Kriegsschauplätze in der Geschichte der Menschheit und die junge Liebe von Andreas und seiner Francesca steht unter keinem guten Stern. A/IT/USA 2014 Regie: Ernst Gossner 98 min, DCP, Farbe, OmdUT Doppelprogramm mit Global Warning

Des Étoiles

 Sophie has finally made it to Turin. She has left Dakar to join her husband. But when she arrives at the apartment, Abdoulaye has already left for New York with a friend. In New York, his only place to go to is Sophie’s aunt’s whom Abdoulaye does not really want to bother, as he fears she will give him trouble for leaving Sophie in Turin. When he finally decides to visit Mamy Fall’s shop, the aunt and her 19-year-old son have already left for Dakar.   F/SEN 2013 Regie: Dyana Gaye 88 min, Colour, DCP, Original with German subtitles


Ethiopia in 1996. On her way home, Hirut is kidnapped and raped by her husband-to-be, for this is an old tradition in Hirut’s village. When Hirut escapes, she shoots her tormentor in self-defence. Meaza Ashenafi fights as a lawyer for the rights of women and children and decides to take on Hirut’s case to save the girl. But the legal battle against old traditions and patriarchal beliefs seems to be without any hope. ETH 2014 Regie: Zeresnay Berhane Mehari 99 min, Colour, DCP, Orginial Version with German Subtitles

Gangster Backstage

In GANGSTER BACKSTAGE, the protagonists of GANGSTER PROJECT talk, guided by subtle questions, about their experiences, hopes and dreams. Emphatic moments of great intimacy counteract with idiosyncratic scenes, in which Edkins lets his actors improvise in the smallest spaces. Nightmarish. SA 2013 Regie: Teboho Edkins 38 min, Colour, DCP, Original with English subtitles Double Feature with Gangster Project

Gangster Project

He did not want to shoot a film about gangsters, but a film with gangsters, says Teboho Edkins and travelled with a cameraman to Bonteheuwel, the poorest neighbourhood in Cape Town. In fact, what he experiences there has nothing to do with the common belief of gangster kitsch and popular “Scarface” idolatry. A blunt portrait of a meaningless and likewise hopeless world. SA/D 2011 Regie: Teboho Edkins 55 min, Colour, DCP, Original with English subtitles Double Feature with Gangster Backstage

Global Warning

Every year new relics from the First World War are brought to the surface due to the melting of North-Italy’s glaciers. Among them, not only live ammunition and fire weapons, but also the bodies of fallen soldiers, which were preserved in the ice. Ernst Gossner ’ s documentary GLOABAL WARNING detects connections between global warming and the economic motivations of warfare. Since the military conflicts of WW1 global disputes seem to increase, as is the global temperature.     Ernst Gossner  (*1967 in Brixlegg/Tirol) is an award-winning director. In 2008 his film SOUTH OF PICO won the IFFI’s Public Award. His documentary GLOBAL WARNING and his feature film THE SILENT MOUNTAIN address the topic of war and questions why wars are such a persistent part of the cultural history of mankind while always following the same patterns.   Austria/Italy/USA 2011 Regie: Ernst Gossner 45min, Video, Farbe, OmU World Premiere at the IFFI 2011


Grigris is perhaps the most enigmatic figure in African cinema. As the dancer with the lame foot, he was celebrated in the nightclubs of N’Djamena. By day, he keeps his head above water working as a photographer, before meeting the beautiful Mimi. When his stepfather is suddenly taken ill, he puts all his eggs in one basket and gets involved with petrol smugglers. Veteran director Mahamat-Saleh Haroun combines the genres of love story and gangster thriller with a precise study of today’s situation in Chad. TSA/F 2013 Regie: Mahamet-Saleh Haroun 101 min, Colour, DCP, Original with English subtitles


Two young couples get ready to leave their home countries Serbia and Albania hoping to find a better life in Western Europe. But there is a lot in the way of the fulfillment of their dreams, particularly the fact that the obstacles that are in the way of their journeys carry in them the story of a past that they had believed was long-forgotten. HONEYMOONS is the first Serbian-Albanian coproduction ever.   Serbia/AL 2009 Regie: Goran Paskaljević 95 min, 35mm, Farbe, OF mit dt./frz. UT Eröffnungsfilm 19. IFFI

Horizon Beautiful

A corrupt football official is on a PR tour of Ethiopia. A boy is confident that he is the next Messi. An inept abduction. Suddenly, Addis Ababa is far away and feelings are running high. In the end the touching encounter of dreams and disillusion. And yet, the old football saying “hope dies last” still applies. Swiss director Stefan Jäger shot HORIZON BEAUTIFUL together with renowned cameraman Abraham Haile and students of the Blue Nile Film and Television Academy, the only film school in Ethiopia.   ETH 2013 Regie: Stefan Jäger 90 min, Colours, DCP, Original with German Subtitles

How Harry Became a Tree – Kako Je Hari Postao Drvo

Ireland, 1924. Harry’s favourite son, Patrick, was killed during the Civil War. His wife Annie died of a broken heart shortly after. Harry continues to live with his son, Gus, in their small house on the edge of the village of Skillet, but he gradually becomes more and more withdrawn. One grey day, he has an absurd idea: Why not find himself an enemy? After all, if love seems to have left him with nothing, perhaps hate can give him back some relish for life… I, F, GB, IR 2001 Regie: Goran Paskaljević 100 min, Colour, DCP, Original with English subtitles


What is illusion and what is reality? Every day people supress their wishes, sexual fantasies, desires and fears. In this film, however, eight completely different people meet up at a bar for one night, to escape their daily lives and to emerge into a journey full of lust, also letting them rediscover long-forgotten experiences. D 2013 Regie: Roland Reber 93 min, Colour, DCP, Original with English subtitles

Illusive Summer ’68 – Varljivo Leto 68

Set against the backdrop of liberalization in Marshal Tito’s Yugoslavia in 1968, this comedy is about the coming of age of Petar as he looks for love just about anywhere, now that he has discovered it exists. His father is a distant sort who wants him to focus on his grades so he will have a chance of a good future (and be a good Marxist). Meanwhile, Petar has a crush on his beautiful teacher and wreaks havoc with his academic standing by trying to get back at her for bathing in the river with her male companion. This affront to his feelings is soon forgotten when he meets a charming young woman… JUG 1984 Regie: Goran Paskaljević 88 min, Colour, 35mm, Original with English subtitles

Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen: Lateinamerika-Programm

 43 min 35mm Rúben Gámez b/w, Spanish with Engl. ST A small portrait of Mexico – 1966. The problems and dreams of the Mexican people. OPERAçãO BRASIL/ OPERATION BRAZIL BRA 1985
 11 min, 35mm, Luiz Alberto Pereira b/w, Spanish with Engl. ST When in April 1985 the country’s first democratically-elected President, Tancredo Neves, became seriously ill right after the elections, the population and the media worried for weeks about the first representative of their national identity.   QUEREMOS AS ONDAS DO AR! WE WANT AIRWAVES! BRA 1986 11min, 35mm, colour/Portuguese with Engl. ST Francisco César Filho / Tata Amaral A film pamphlet from Brazil against biased information and for the democratisation of telecommunications. Different textures are combined without compunction. MAS VALE TARDE QUE NUNCA / BETTER LATE THAN NEVER CUB 198 6 
8min/ 35mm Enrique Colina colour/no dialogue A satire about punctuality. A pinch of exaggeration gives a grotesque touch to a depiction that seems almost realistic. The film oscillates between lethargy and hectic activity.   O NOME DELE (O CLóVIS) /HIS NAME (THE CLOWN) BRA 2004 15min, 35mm, colour/Portugese with Engl. ST Felipe Bragança / Marina Meliande They met in the summer, in the rain. A film about carnival and silence. About anger and joy. A passionate homage to Rio de Janeiro’s surface: full of pain, dreams and sadness. A carnival tale of love and violence.     0 Regie: 88 min,

Iranian Ninja

IRANINAN NINJAS recounts the challenges, difficulties and obstacles for Iranian women engaging in the sport “Ninjutsu” and narrates the story of Iran’s first female ninja “Khatereh Jalilzadeh”. IRN 2014 Regie: Marjan Riahi 30 min, Colour, DCP, Original with English subtitles Part of the Award Ceremony

Kaagaz ke phool

The film tells, in flashback, the story of Suresh Sinha (Guru Dutt), a famous film director. His marriage to Bina (Veena) is on the rocks because her wealthy family sees filmmaking as a job lacking in social status. He is also denied access to his daughter Pammi (Baby Naaz), who is sent to a private boarding school in Dehradun. In the 2002 Sight & Sound critics and directors‘ poll, Kaagaz Ke Phool was ranked at #160 among the greatest films of all time. IN 1959 Regie: Guru Dutt 148 min, Schwarzweiß, 35mm, OmdU

Karrner People

A film shot on a scrapyard near Amras, Innsbruck, based on a theatre play of the same name by Karl Schönherr, with real characters from the area.     A 1984 Regie: Klaus Rohrmoser 18 min, 16mm, Orginial Version without Subtitles Part of the Award Ceremony

Kisangani Diary

 1994. After the massacre of the Tutsis, 80,000 Hutus fled from Rwanda to Zaire. They now live in poverty alongside the overgrown railway south of Kisangani, plagued by famine, disease and persecution from armed militia. In 1997, Hubert Sauper travelled in a UN train in search of these “lost” refugees. In KISANGANI DIARY Sauper leads the viewer to mysterious places where massacres had happened only the night before, and accompanies the helpless attempts of assistance. A 1998 Regie: Hubert Sauper 57 min, Colour, 35mm, Original with German subtitles

Malacrianza – THE CROW’S NEST

Protagonist Don Cleo battles through everyday life with unswerving optimism, even when he one day finds an extortion note before his door. But from where can he find $500, and above board? Don Cleo tries everything to raise the money to survive, approaching his friends, the police, and even the Church. The colourful streets of San Salvador provide the story of Don Cleo with an idiosyncratic dynamic. El Salvador’s first film for over 40 years was produced on a shoestring budget, guaranteeing its cool look. SAL 2014 Regie: Arturo Menéndez 68 min, Colour, DCP, Original with English subtitles