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Internationaler Wettbewerb um den Filmpreis des Landes Tirol

Luca Irakli Chikovani, born in Tbilisi Georgia. Been discovered on MTV by Alice Rohrwacher and Chiara Polizzi and called for the Casting for the movie Lazzaro Felice. Played the role of Tancredi and went to Cannes Film Festival where the movie won the Golden Palm for the best screenplay.

Rainer Egger, Österreichischer Schauspieler, HASENJAGD – VOR LAUTER FEIGHEIT GIBT ES KEIN ERBARMEN (1994, R: Andreas Gruber, Hauptrolle), WELCOME HOME (2003, R: Andreas Gruber), FRANTZ (2015, R: François Ozon), LIFE GUIDANCE (2016, R: Ruth Mader). Auszeichnungen: Darstellerpreis Max Ophüls-Festival 1990, Darstellerpreis Alpinale 1987. read more

Awards and Categories


International Feature Fiction Competition for the Prize of the Province of Tyrol (5.500,- EURO)
International Documentary Competiton for the Prize of the Town Innsbruck ( 3.000,- EURO)
Wiener Städtische Audience Award, sponsored by Wiener Städtische and Innsbruck Marketing (1.000,- EURO)
Südwind Prize, awarded by a selected student jury (1.000,- EURO)
Prize of the University of Innsbruck (1.000,- EURO)
IFFI Award of Honor


Internationaler Spielfilmwettbewerb read more