Südwind-Award Nominated


María, eine 17­jährige Kakchiquel­Maya­Frau, lebt mit ihren Eltern auf einer Kaffeeplantage am Fuße eines aktiven Vulkans. Sie soll mit dem Vorarbeiter der Farm verheiratet werden. Doch das Mädchen sehnt sich danach, die Welt jenseits des Berges kennenzulernen, von der sie keine Vorstellung hat. Deshalb verführt sie einen Kaffeepflücker, der in die USA fliehen möchte. Als dieser sie alleine zurücklässt, entdeckt María ihre eigene Welt und Kultur noch einmal neu. IXCANUL ist kein Film über indigene Kultur, sondern wurde aus ihr heraus entwickelt. read more


Juan and his family go on holiday to the sea, to Aguas Verdes. Their first stop is at a gas station, where Laura, Juan’s teenage daughter, engages in conversation with an unknown young man who is traveling by motorcycle. Everyone likes him – everyone but Juan, who is irrationally annoyed by his mere presence, and his family makes fun of him for that. The director names Pasolini’s TEOREMA and Fellini’s LA DOLCE VITA as his sources of inspiration for the film.

Argentina 2009
Regie: Mariano de Rosa
90 min, 35mm, Farbe, OF mit engl. UT
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After a few years working in New York to support his family back home, Pedro returns back home to his village in Mexico, where he now finds his daughters on the verge of adolescence, and is unsure of what to expect. The younger of the two, Heidi, quickly becomes eager to reconnect, while his older daughter, Lorena, is more distant than he imagined. His wife, Teresa, still has the same smile although she senses he may have had a woman in the US, and is guarded in their intimate moments. Having saved his earnings from two long periods of work in the US, Pedro plans to pursue his own version of the American Dream on the side by starting a band: the Copa Kings. read more


Kamen meets Avé, a 17-year-old runaway girl, outside of Sofia. He is hitchhiking to Ruse, and she accompanies him without being asked to. This road movie starts into Northern Bulgaria and goes into the present of a country that has not quite managed to keep up with the rest of the world. And two young lost souls are on the road through this present and slowly discover their feelings. A strong portrait and a film about the young age that allows one to reinvent life.

Bulgaria 2011
Regie: Konstantin Bojanov
86 min, 35mm, OmU
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12-year-old Veysel, half Kurd half Turkish, is new in a strange country. At school he does not understand the language, and at home there is a big family conflict going on. The only happy moments are when he thinks of Ana, the girl from his class who he has deeply fallen in love with. The struggle between dream and reality seems to crush Veysel, until one day he meets his neighbour, a 33-year-old lovesick macho who becomes his first friend in this new country.

Austria 2012
Regie: Hüseyin Tabak
86 min, DCP, Farbe, deutsche OF
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Des Étoiles

 Sophie has finally made it to Turin. She has left Dakar to join her husband. But when she arrives at the apartment, Abdoulaye has already left for New York with a friend. In New York, his only place to go to is Sophie’s aunt’s whom Abdoulaye does not really want to bother, as he fears she will give him trouble for leaving Sophie in Turin. When he finally decides to visit Mamy Fall’s shop, the aunt and her 19-year-old son have already left for Dakar.  

F/SEN 2013
Regie: Dyana Gaye
88 min, Colour, DCP, Original with German subtitles
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It is the summer of 1976 in a valley of the Andes Mountains in Ecuador. Manuela, educated according to the communist and atheistic ideals of her beloved father, believes her parents to be on a revolutionary mission in Colombia, while she and her five-year-old brother Camilo have to spend the summer at their grandparents’ farmhouse. Of course, in a catholic-conservative household a nine-year-old’s Marxist world outlook will cause trouble. The grandmother, alarmed by the harmful influence Manuela has on the rest of the family’s kids, threatens to send her back to her parents unless she accepts to be baptized… read more

Good Morning Karachi

This is the story of a working-class beautician whose dreams of becoming a model lead to clashes with her mother and her betrothed. Good morning Karachi , which is also known as Rafina after the name of the lead character, is far more upbeat about Karachi’s prospects than the newspaper headlines would have us believe. Sumar tells us why. Edited excerpts from an email interview.

DE/GB/PK 2011
Regie: Sabiha Sumar
77 min, Farbe, DCP, OmdU

Habi, la Extranjera

The young Analía travels to Buenos Aires to deliver pieces of art. A confusion in the address leads her to a Muslim community, where she participates in a strange ritual. She is fascinated by the new strange world and decides to slip into this new world. She rents a room nearby. On a Wanted advertisement she discovers the name „Habiba Rafat“ – and this is what she decides to name herself. She learns the language of strangers and the Muslim prayer, she finds a job and makes new friends. She learns what it means to be different. read more


In Valdivia the coldest and most rainy time of the year has arrived. Three men who do not understand what they see are the protagonists of ILUSIONES ÓPTICAS. One is an executive officer in a big company and is all of a sudden sent to a training camp for the unemployed. A blind skier regains his eyesight and gets scared of what he sees. And a security guard in a shopping center falls in love with a thief.

Chile/PT/FR 2009
Regie: Cristian Jimenez
105 min, 35mm, Farbe, OF mit engl. UT
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Jean works as French teacher in Santo Domingo. When the Haitian man loses his job and flat in quick succession he stands out there alone with nothing but a shopping bag. In hope for more intellectual and challenging work he refuses a job on the construction site. While his search for work gets more desperate he crosses the city and rural regions until he finally reaches the jungle. Jean’s mood changes with the shift of landscapes. He becomes more and more hopeless and longs for a family and a new purpose in life.
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Kids who do not know what it is like to have a playful childhood but instead have to work in agriculture. They peg away on the farm, tend animals, harvest tomatoes, chilis and corn, burn clay bricks, weave fabrics, tinker imaginative alebrijes, fetch water and on top of that watch their little siblings. This has been going on for many generations. The elders show the younger ones what to do, tell them their tricks and hand down their tools. Every day is a new fight for survival, and the only chance for free space is the time before sleeping. Without commentary, the camera follows the everyday life of LOS HEREDEROS. read more


The film deals with the moral crisis our planet is in, which is particularly observable in view of children’s lives. The film follows the stories of seven children who are being exploited as soldiers, hard workers or prostitutes living an undignified life in Cambodia, Ecuador and Congo. There are still children who are being enslaved, forced to go to war, humiliated and violently oppressed. This film which also catches the poetry in the eyes of this world’s children, is dedicated to them. “…a touching an simultaneously alarming work…” (international jury Film Festival Mannheim/Heidelberg) read more


After a teacher hanged herself in the classroom her pupils are left traumatized. Finding a replacement is difficult and so the principal gives the job to Algerian immigrant Bachir Lazhar after initial hesitation. Despite his strict and more oldfashioned methods than usual in the school he soon obtains the confidence of the class. He strives to encourage the students in processing their teacher’s violent death. And as we find out he is no teacher and he too has got memories to cope with.

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Muallim – The Teacher

Samadar is the only teacher in a small Tajikistani village. He teaches all his pupils with the same dedication, just like his father Nazar would teach him during the time of the Soviet Union. He also looks after his father, his father who is prepared for death, but wants to wait until his second son Yusuf returns from Moscow. Tajikistan’s most important director tenderly tells us a universal story of family life set against the backdrop of a communist past and an Islamic present.

TAD 2014
Regie: Nosir Saidov
76 min, Colour, DCP, Original with English subtitles
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After her father’s death Aminata decides to leave France, where she has always been feeling out of place. She had been separated from her mother at the age of eight and hadn’t seen her since, but still hopes to find her in Burkina Faso. Once in Bobo she gets to meet parts of her family, yet she has to recognize that she still feels like a stranger. In Paris, Ester, a wealthy white lady, is being taught an African language by her housemaid Mariam, who has come to France forty years ago. NOTRE ÉTRANGÈRE tells two stories of rootlessness and interweaves its protagonists fates between France and Africa.
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Pelo Malo – Bad Hair

The stars of this Venezuelan film are a mother and her son, both strong and weak at the same time. Marta has recently lost her job at a security firm, while curly-haired Junior battles to straighten his wild hair for a school photo. His mother’s greatest worry is that he will end up like his father, a dead gangster. At least she has that in common with her mother-in-law. But Junior has other plans. BAD HAIR was the winner of the Golden Shell at the San Sebastian International Film Festival.   read more


The Bulgarian teenager Radostin collides with his parents by disappearing for two days and then bringing home his two new friends – devoted punks. His dad is horrified to see them behave as if they were at home, while the mother is more than happy that her son has been found and puts herself out to please everyone. The film takes place on one day and largely in the oppressive apartment of the Stoychev family. It seems inevitable that the parents will lose their grip on Radostan; there is an unbridgeable chasm between them and his anarchist friends.
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Cairo. The happily married Hebba is host of a successful political talk show on an Egyptian private TV channel. Hebba’s husband Karim Hassan is editor of a newspaper, whose executive suite criticises Hebba’s work and asks him to make Hebba change her show. In order to prevent from getting another divorce, Hebba gives in and presents a series of shows in which women tell their stories. But these stories turn out to be more political than anything else…

Egypt 2009
Regie: Yousry Nasrallah
135 min, 35mm, Farbe, OF mit engl. UT
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Shana: The Wolf’s Music

A film about a young girl’s coming of age. Shana is a gifted violinist and lives with her father on an Indian reservation in Canada. It has now been two years since Shana’s mother disappeared in the woods and neither she nor her father have overcome her death. While he drowns his sorrows in alcohol, Shana spends more and more time in the forest. Now she only plays her instrument in the woods, magically attracting a white wolf, her spirit animal, and Shana’s spiritual journey begins. read more


First Pedro’s car gets stolen, and then he gets kidnapped. Left tied up in the jungle, he eventually finds a way back to town. But he decides to leave the city. In a small village in the South of Brazil he opens a chip shop at the beach, which is not frequented at all. Young Celia lives in this village with her poor and sick grandmother and does not know where to find food nor work and asks Pedro if he needs help. Her only hope seems to be a woman’s address that Celia is supposed to contact …
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Susa is twelve years old and like any other boy of that age he loves games, and he also has a special thing for colored glass shards. He works with an illegal distiller for whom he delivers vodka. His customers are small cafés, dark bars, prostitutes, alcoholics. He pays a share to the street bandits, so they leave him alone, and he has an open eye for the police. One day Susa finds out from his mother that his father is going to return home after a long absence. Now Susa hopes that everything will become better and that his father will take him and his mother with him. read more

The First Rains of Spring

In the mountains of Tien Shan, hidden far away from any civilzation,lives in a small house a family of shepherds: Kuanysh, the fatherand head of the family, his wife Danagul, his oldest son Ashkatand his two sisters Aigul and Alisher. For over 10 years, shamanDergeley has lived with the family and one day she gathers thefamily around her to make her final announcement. A tale of rebirthand togetherness, framed by the nature of Kazakhstan.

KZ/JP 2013
Regie: Yerlan Nurmukhambetov
80 min, Colour, DCP, OmeU
Festival Des Neuen Heimatsfilms Freistadt 2013
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A young German travels through an African country. He meets a fisherman who takes him on a ride with his logboat. He awakes alone after a trip on the river and spending the night in the bush. Attempts to handle the unfamiliar boat as well as the vastness of the water, the reed, the nature surrounding him lead to fear and despair. Being alone becomes being lonely – and there still is an unexpected responsibility awaiting him on this odyssey.Jan Zabeil`s first feature film accomplishes to tell a suspenseful story in a calm arthouse style.

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