Soukey is just taking her final exams at a secondary school in Dakar when she learns that her father has chosen a better fate for her: She is to become the third wife of the old director of a peanut factory, the very elegant Mr. Gueye. Soukey refuses and runs off. Her friends decide to foil the plan. When Soukey meets a young lawyer from Paris, it is love at first sight. And when, in addition, Mr. Gueye is arrested for getting rich too quickly, Soukey is beside herself for joy. Only her parents are in the depths of despair. But the young people forgive them and force them to follow Farandole, which also leads to Gueye’s release. „With Jean-Claude Carrière and Peter Brook, we thought it would be fascinating to transpose this musical comedy, performed at the Café de la Danse in Paris, to a natural setting and to film it as a ‚live‘ happening. It was an attempt to conciliate a stage production with street theatre, a theatre of the wind, sun and sea, respecting the elementary rules of documentary film-making: to shoot only one take per frame, with no rehearsal, leaving a door open for the ‚wind of events‘“. Jean Rouch and Tam-Sir Doueb

Senegal/F 1988
Regie: Jean Rouch
70 min, 16mm, Farbe, französiche OmU

2003, Archive, Tribute

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